Flat tyre? Fortunately, punctures are a priority at JAX Tyres . To get your car back on the road, we’ll allocate staff to fix your puncture promptly.

Most of the time, flat tyres are caused by screws, nails and other sharp objects penetrating a tubeless tyre’s rubber tread.

Flat tyres can often be repaired to last the lifetime of the tyre, depending on the location and severity of the puncture.

In some new cars, speed limited 'space saver' spare tyres are used in place of full sized tyres.

These type of tyres do not offer that same kind of braking, steering or performance in the wet as full sized tyres so it is important to repair or replace your flat tyre as soon as you can.

In the workshop, the tyre is removed from the wheel and repaired in line with the Australian Tyre Repair Standard. Run flat tyres (otherwise known as mobility) tyres are becoming more popular as an original equipment manufacturer’s fitment to new cars, particularly for BMWs. This technology allows you to get home and to the store safely at a reduced speed and range without the need to change the tyre. The speed restriction for run flat tyres is generally 80 km/h with a distance restriction to travel less than 80km on these tyres. For advice on run flat and self sealing tyres, ask in-store. Run flat tyre repairs would be conducted in accordance with the Australian Tyre standard and in line with product specific recommendations from the world class manufacturers, stocked at JAX Tyres.

To ensure your flat tyre can be repaired, come in and see the friendly staff at JAX Tyres where your puncture will be treated as a priority.