Setting up a 4WD suspension system isn’t all about the added gains on the tape measure. Tough Dog products are specifically designed and engineered to deliver a complete suspension solution, not only for off-road clearance but for ride quality, handling and load carrying capabilities as well. 

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JAX Tyres & Auto in partnership with Tough Dog suspension products,  provide the ability to create a tailored suspension package that can transform your vehicle, regardless of how you use it. Tough Dog have developed a product to suit just about every possible application. In most vehicles, they offer multiple shock and spring options to fine-tune every aspect of a particular package as well as a range of other specialised and optional accessories.

Setting up your vehicle’s suspension can be a mine-field of pitfalls, misinformation and wrong turns. The largest consideration is always the weight carried, and it’s often the undoing of a well put together vehicle. When it comes to getting yours kitted out, it certainly pays to speak to your local JAX Tyre & Auto store to discuss your specific needs. We supply an extensive range of Tough Dog products including:

  • Completely tailored lift kits
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Steering Dampers
  • Springs
  • Alignment products
  • Upper control arms & other accessories.

JAX is proud of its association with Tough Dog that has been “making tracks across the world” since 1985, and have grown rapidly as a result of the excellent reputation their quality gear commands. 

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