Bald Tyres

Bald tyres: What are they, why are they dangerous and how to spot them


Everything you need to know about tyre tread safety



When was the last time you checked the tyres on your car? If you can’t remember or don’t know what to look for, there’s a chance you could be driving with bald tyres. This puts you and others on the road at risk.

The good news: bald tyres are completely preventable and easy to identify. We’re here to answer your questions and show you how to spot this unnecessary risk on your own car.

What are bald tyres?     

A tyre is considered bald when it has little to no tread left. In Australia, you are legally required to change your tyres before they get down to 1.5mm of tread depth. A new tyre usually has a tread depth of 8mm or more but this will gradually wear down with every kilometre you drive.

You must never drive with bald tyres. If you are pulled over by police while driving bald you could face on-the-spot fines and loss of demerit points. More importantly, driving with bald tyres is a dangerous business. Once your tyre tread depth gets down to 3mm your wet grip on the road may start to be impacted. 


"Once your tyre tread depth gets down to 3mm your wet grip on the road may start to be impacted."


What is tread depth and what does it do?        

Tread depth is the depth of the grooves on your tyres. The tread on your tyres is designed to improve traction on the road and to disperse water between your tyres and the surface of the ground in wet conditions. Adequate tread depth is crucial for safe driving, effective acceleration, smooth cornering and sufficient braking. As such, your tread depth should be checked regularly.


How do I know when my tyres are bald?



A completely bald tyre has a smooth surface and a tread depth of 1.5mm or less. If your tyres look like this, they should immediately be replaced. Tyres come equipped with tread wear indicators (TWI) which provide an easy way of spotting tyres that are bald or are going bald. The TWI is a small bar on the tyre with ‘TWI’ written next to it. When the tread is down to the same level of the TWI, your tyres are ready to be replaced.

Another quick and easy way to check your tread depth is to place an Australian 20c piece into the tyre treads in a few different places. If the tread doesn’t reach the bill on the platypus, you have less than 3mm of tread remaining.


"40% of drivers are unaware of legal tyre safety standards, and one in three have driven on tyres they suspected were unroadworthy. Australian Road Safety Foundation"


The dangers of bald tyres   


There are a number of dangers associated with driving with bald tyres but perhaps the most significant is aquaplaning on wet road surfaces. Aquaplaning is when water builds up between a vehicle’s tyres and the surface of the road beneath. This causes a loss of grip and traction on the road and loss of control by the driver.

Increased risk of tyre punctures          

The grooves on a tyre provide a layer of protection from glass and sharp objects on the road. When a tyre is bald, that protection is removed meaning the tyre is more susceptible to punctures.

Loss of pressure        

Bald tyres tend to lose tyre pressure more quickly. This can impact on performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

Longer braking distances         

The reduced traction caused by bald tyres can significantly increase your brake time making you at a higher risk of accidents and collisions with other vehicle.


“We know the dangers of driving with bald tyres…. It’s NEVER worth the risk.”


What should I do when my tyres are bald?      

If you have bald tyres, you should change them immediately. They are neither safe nor legal and put you and others at risk.


At Jax Tyres we provide a range of cheap and budget tyres so that you never have to gamble with your life or the lives of others when you’re on the road.


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