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If your commercial van or light truck is racking up the KMs day after day, you want to make sure you’ve got the best tyres for the job. JAX stocks tyres suitable for vans and light trucks, with a focus on durability, economy and performance. With leading brands including Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear and more, you’ll find the right set of tyres for your commercial vehicle or light truck here. If you know the tyre size you’re after, click below to search by size, or call the JAX team on 1300 367 897 and we’ll help you out.


What is a light truck (LT) tyre?

You can see if your tyre is a Light Truck by simply looking for ‘LT’or ‘C’ on the
outside of your wheel. Light truck tyres are commonly fitted for commercial vans and larger utility vehicles.

LT Tyres have a tougher internal construction which offers greater strength and puncture resistance than a standard tyre. They have been engineered to have a high load rating. Made for loads between ½-1 ton, LT tyres support the weight of larger trucks, SUVs, vans and also heavier loads, towing and hauling needs. This is perfect for vehicles that aren’t travelling on smooth surfaces.

Do I need light truck tyres?

When considering if you should have light truck tyres, you need to consider the
intended purpose of your vehicle. If you do a lot of highway driving, these heavy-duty tyres will increase fuel costs with their rolling resistance and tough construction.

Light truck tyres support vehicles between ½-1-ton. So, if you have a 3/4 ton or 1-ton ute, you need LT tyres as they offer the correct load-carrying capacity.

Light Trucks are built for heavy vehicles with thicker, reinforced sidewalls and tough internal construction to accommodate the weight. If you have a small SUV, this can give your drive a harsher ride.

Some questions to ask are:

  • Is your vehicle heavy such as a commercial van or 4WD?
  • Is it going to be regularly towing, hauling or carrying heavier loads
  • Are you going to be driving on rough uneven surfaces like off-road terrains regularly?

If you have any questions, you can always contact your friendly local Jax Tyres professional to find the perfect tyres for all your driving and vehicle needs

What are the best tyres for light trucks?

Light Trucks are some of the most popular vehicles in Australia. While tough and
versatile, you want to make sure that you have the best tyres for the job. At Jax we stock tyres suitable for vans and light trucks, finding the perfect balance between durability, economy and performance for you.

For more of the best tyres for light trucks, see Jax tyres Light Truck Tyres page.

What is a commercial tyre?

While an LT tyre is heavier duty than a passenger vehicle tyre, it is not for major
loads. Commercial tyres are made to stand up to incredible pressure while travelling for extended periods without needing to be replaced.

They are tough tyres suited for trucks, buses, mining vehicles, tractors and agricultural vehicles.

Do you need commercial tyres on a van?

A van can have either commercial tyres (C-Type) or Light truck (LT) tyres
depending on the load capacity needed. Both C-type tyres and LT tyres rate for higher weight capacity than a standard passenger tyre.

LT and C-Type tyres are reinforced to carry heavier loads than a typical car tyre. C-Type tyres handle heavier loads than LT at equivalent tyre size but at a slower speed.

LT tyres usually have a load range rating of C, D or E which means they generally have a load capacity between 1/2 -1-ton. A commercial van is registered to carry 1-ton, which a passenger tyre is not capable of doing.

Choosing the wrong tyre for your vehicle application is unsafe due to the possibility of an overloaded tyre.

A van’s tyre runs at much higher inflation pressure than standard vehicles and is specifically made for heavy load vehicles. Before you choose which tyre to put on your car, check the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation or call Jax Tyres for a personalised recommendation.


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