Refund Policy


Cancellation and Refund Policy & Procedure

Buying tyres, wheels and associated services can be a daunting task to those not familiar with their vehicles specification and requirements.

JAX have developed JAXOnline to assist, enabling selection from a wide range of JAX approved brands and products with the convenience of online 24/7/365.

The JAXOnline tyre and wheel selection data is based on the vehicles original equipment specifications, however the actual fitment on your vehicle may be different. As such we always recommend checking your current fitment before ordering online. You may wish to also check the vehicles Tyre Placard.

Please select carefully as refunds are not normally provided where you simply change your mind.

If however you do wish to cancel your online order, please contact the JAX Tyres & Auto Store on your order confirmation email. You will be required to provide your proof of order email for your online order and a completed Request for Refund form, available from your JAX Tyres & Auto Store.


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