How do I buy my tyres online?

Enter your vehicle’s make, model, year and series at the top of the page under the ‘What do you drive?’ section. Then enter your location and select the best JAX Tyres & Auto store for your service (this might be close to work or home). Select the tyres you prefer and a time to have them fitted and consider the benefits of a wheel alignment. Proceed to the cart to add your details and checkout.

Can you send the tyres to me?

All purchases include fitting, balancing, tubeless valve, waste tyre management fee & GST at the JAX Tyres & Auto store of your choosing. All orders are completed at your selected store. JAX Tyres & Auto does not deliver automotive parts to alternative addresses.

Do you offer gift cards?

We don't. If you're considering buying tyres for a relative or friend you could book an appointment once you know their vehicle make, model and year as well as the best store location and timing for their service.

Are fleet and commercial account customers welcome to purchase online?

Yes. Fleet and Commercial customers are more than welcome provided that the vehicle is registered under your name. Invoices cannot be redirected to a third party. If you are unsure we recommend that you make a booking by calling your nearest store, click here for the store dealer locator.

How does JAX know which tyres will fit my vehicle?

The search function provides you with tyre choices based on your vehicle's original tyre sizing (original equipment) using the information entered by you. It is vital that you enter accurate vehicle make, year, model and series information.

To avoid an incorrect fitment, we suggest that you satisfy yourself that the tyres selected for your vehicle are suitable for the intended use, comply with relevant legal guidelines and are matched to the information contained on your vehicle tyre placard. Click here for further information about tyre placards.

All tyre fitment recommendations are considered a guide only. If you require any assistance or if your vehicle is fitted with an optional tyre size, please contact your nearest JAX Tyres & Auto store.  Click here to select your nearest store.

How does JAX know which tyre and wheel combinations will fit my vehicle if I want to change my wheel size?

All wheel & tyre fitment recommendations are considered a guide only. We recommend checking state legislation requirements for vehicle modification prior to purchase.

NSW – Click Here

QLD – Click Here

VIC – Click Here

TAS – Click Here

Original Equipment tyre sizes shown in search results for particular vehicles are determined based on the best information currently available to us from vehicle manufacturers and from manual inspection of new vehicles as they are released. Many vehicles have optional trim levels/packages that include different tyre sizes. This Additional Model Info is listed for you to choose from in search results as well.

Since variations based on options or vehicle manufacturer changes may determine the Original Equipment tyre size on your vehicle, always verify the size you are purchasing matches the tyre size for your vehicle, usually found on the placard located inside the driver’s door, glove box or fuel cap, or in the Owner's Manual.

If you are unsure what size is installed on your vehicle, please confirm the size as listed on the tyre sidewall before placing your order.

How do I receive my discount, gift with purchase or enter a game of skill promotion?

If you have made a qualifying purchase for one of our promotions all redemption pages can be found under the great deals tab at the top of the page. Please note that all redemptions have an expiry period noted in the terms and conditions.

What if something is wrong after I place my order?

Please use the contact details on your order email or click here for the store locator to call the JAX Tyres & Auto store that you placed the order with.

Can I change the time of my booking?

If you need to change your booking please call the store that you've booked with. Click here for the store locator or find their phone number in your order email.

Can I have non runflat tyres fitted to my vehicle if it normally has runflat tyres fitted as Original Equipment?

Yes, however manufacturers' recommendation are always the best and safest option to ensure your vehicle is performing at optimal levels. Consider whether your vehicle has a spare tyre or allocated storage space for a spare. If not, your vehicle will potentially be stranded in the event of a puncture. Read more about runflat tyres by clicking here.

What is the correct air pressure for my tyres?

Use the vehicle placard in your vehicle or see the owner’s manual to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. Read more about inflation by clicking here.

What do the numbers on the sidewall of the tyre mean?

Click here for a full explanation.

What is a speed index / rating and what is the right number for my vehicle?

Click here for more information.

Do you have a warranty or guarantee for work completed on my vehicle?

Yes. Read about our no hassle guarantee by clicking here.

How do I update my account information?

Your account information can be updated by logging into your JAX account at the top of the page and accessing your my account page.

How do I log in?

To log in click the log in button at the top of the page. If you have yet to create an account you will need to register first.

I am not sure what email address I used to log in with?

If you cannot remember your account email address please contact us on

How do I store my vehicle details?

To store a vehicle in your account you must be logged in to access your my account page. Vehicles can then be added and edited using the vehicle management section in the left hand side menu bar.

I would like additional services not listed on your site, how do I add them to my cart?

At this time JAX Tyres & Auto does not sell all our available services online. If you would like additional work added to your booking please let the store know, preferably before your booking time and they can accommodate your request.  

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