When fitting just two tyres



When fitting just two new tyres, it is best to have them fitted to the rear axle. This is the advice from leading tyre brands. Watch the video below to understand the reasons. Ideally, fit a full set of 4 new tyres to your vehicle.

Tyre Fitment Recommendations

To ensure the safety of your passengers, other motorists and yourself, major leading producers strongly endorse replacing all four tyres at the same time, when the occasion arrives to substitute worn tyres on your vehicle.

If for whatever reason this is not possible and you are forced to replace only two tyres, for safety reasons JAX notes that leading global manufacturers recommend the installation of the new tyreson the rear axle of the vehicle, irrespective of whether your vehicle is front or rear wheel drive.

New tyres will change the handling performance of the vehicle and when fitted to the front with worn tyres on the rear, during damp & wet conditions they could induce oversteer, either when straight line braking and/or cornering. Oversteer is best described as the rear of the vehicle breaking loose unexpectedly. For the majority of drivers, oversteer is an almost impossible driving manoeuvre to correct and could greatly compromise the safety of you and other road users.

It is not recommended either to mix the tread patterns across the same axle or to install a new tyre on one side of the axle with a worn tyre on the opposite side.


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