Wheel Balance



Have you ever had a problem with a vibration in your car or through the steering wheel? At JAX Tyres we know how irritating this can be.

The JAX Tyres BOS Balance Optimisation Systems were designed to serve you better. These systems will ensure that you have the smoothest driving possible.

To achieve a smooth vibration free drive, the wheel must be centered and positioned on the balancer just as it will be centered and positioned on your vehicle.

To ensure this, the tyre and wheel are balanced to the machine using a Duo Expert Adaptor & flange plates.



Why have your wheels balanced using the JAXQuickfit BOS System?

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Standard Balance

Tyre and Wheel are mounted to the balancing machine using the rear cone and held by the front wing nut clamp.

Premium Balance

Wheel is centred and positioned on the balancer, as it would be on your vehicle, using a Duo Expert Adapter Et Flange plate to obtain a smooth vibration free drive.

Performance Balance

To achieve optimum performance, we first balance the wheel then match the tyre and wheel to be in their optimum positions. This minimises imbalance. The tyre and wheel unit is then balanced using the Duo Expert Adaptor a Flange plate, ensuring the best in terms of ride comfort and tyre wear.

The benefits offered by the JAX Tyres Balance Optimisation System are:

  • Extended tyre life
  • Improved Driver Comfort
  • Less wear on steering and suspension components
  • Enhanced vehicle safety
  • Reduced driver fatigue  


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