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Planning to purchase a new set of tyres?
Buying replacement tyres for your vehicle is a compulsory cost of owning your vehicle. While the cost of living is constantly increasing, it is important to make the right decision when purchasing a set of new tyres to make the most of your investment.

Why are tyres so expensive?
Several factors influence the price of a tyre including its brand technology, materials, product development and size.

Raw materials and shipping
A large part of the price of a tyre is accounted for by the raw materials and cost of manufacturing. A modern tyre consists of natural and synthetic rubber, steel, fillers, different reinforcement materials, softeners, vulcanisers and other chemicals. As the cost of raw materials and energy are both increasing, the cost of the tyre is increasing as well.

Australia has no domestic tyre manufacturing but all tyres are imported in the country. The increasing cost of freight and logistics are reflecting in the tyre prices.

Research and development
Due to the complexity of the construction of a tyre, a significant investment in product development and production is required. JAX Tyres & Auto is a tyre retailer selling tyres from multiple manufacturers. Each tyre manufacturer spends time and money on research to create a unique product. The ultimate goal of investment in research and development is to make the best tyres that maintain their safety properties, even as the tyre wears and, there is a significant cost attached to research and development.

There are many tyre brands to choose from - some brands are considered to be more prestigious than others due to their brand history, innovative products and enhanced safety. These premium brands spend more on research and development and also use higher quality raw materials. These factors increase the cost of the end product but also contribute to premium features of the tyre.

The larger the tyre, the more it will cost. To produce larger tyres, more raw materials are required. A lot of time and money has been invested in research and development in large tyre manufacturing technology and matching wheels will also add to the cost of larger tyres. If you have fitted larger tyres than what your car manufacturer recommends, you will need your wheels regularly aligned to avoid unnecessary or uneven wear of the tyres.

JAX Tyres & Auto provides the best possible price
At JAX Tyres & Auto, we offer the best possible price all year round to our customers. We understand that our customers' budgets vary and can be conscious of the cost of purchases. JAX Tyres & Auto is proud to provide a wide variety of tyre options for any budget and your closest JAX Tyres & Auto store can provide you with the best advice on the range and pricing available for your vehicle.

What does the tyre price include at JAX?
When you buy tyres from JAX Tyres & Auto, the price of the tyre includes fitting, balancing, tubeless valve, waste tyre management fee and GST. JAX Tyres & Auto works directly with Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) and Tyrecycle in a partnership to ensure a uniformed approach to the environmentally conscious disposal of used tyres. Tyres can be recycled for productive uses in the future taking on a second life and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

When you purchase four tyres and a wheel alignment, you will automatically qualify for a myJAX platinum tyre maintenance program offering over $500 worth of savings through scheduled service vouchers and discounted offers.

Make the most of your tyre investment
Tyre maintenance includes regular checks for correct wheel balancing and wheel alignment which are all covered by our myJAX platinum tyre maintenance program. Checking your inflation pressure regularly also helps your tyres to wear and perform properly.



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Prices include fitting, balancing, tubeless valve, waste tyre management fee & GST.

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