Vehicle Services & Repairs, Logbook Servicing & Wheel Alignment

Peace of mind

Our Peace of Mind service package ensures your vehicle is safe and well maintained so that wear and tear can be minimised and potential problems spotted early. This package also includes six months roadside assistance to give you total Peace of Mind driving.


Our Logbook vehicle service package ensures your vehicle is serviced to the manufactured standard and is safe and well maintained. Our mechanics will provide up to date logbook records ensuring servicing is carried out to the manufacturing warranty.

Wheel Alignment

Helps your tyres perform correctly, improves overall handling and prevents issues with steering helping them last longer.

JAX Roadside Assistance

JAX Roadside Assistance

BOS Wheel Balance

Have you ever had a problem with a vibration in your car or through the steering wheel? At JAX Tyres we know how irritating this can be.

Tough Dog 4WD Suspension at JAX

Ask in-store for details!

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

For some time now, Nitrogen inflation of tyres has been used in trucks, aircraft, race cars and industrial applications. JAX Tyres now offers this service to customers with passenger cars, light trucks & 4WD's.


JAX offers full battery inspection and replacement as well as vehicle safety inspections.


When it comes to your vehicle's safety, brakes top the list of systems that need regular checking. If brake service is neglected, you're gambling with your safety, and that of your passengers and other drivers.


Your suspension system does more than make your ride smoother! In fact, it's a key component of driving safety, and without it your tyres and brakes won't work as well.

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