Mercedes Original Equipment Extended Mobility (MOE) Markings



MOExtended (MOE) stands for Mercedes Original Equipment Extended Mobility. This marking is carried by those tyres, which have been developed for Mercedes passenger vehicles to have limited runflat capabilities. Mercedes Benz vehicles equipped with MOE tyres MUST not be replaced with other tyre variants.

According to Bridgestone (supplier of MOE tyres to Mercedes) MOExtended technology is similar to their RFT (Run Flat Tyre) range. Bridgestone use thinner rubber sidewall inserts in their MOE marked tyres to provide improved ride comfort (when the tyre is operating at standard inflation pressure) compared to their RFT variants. In this case, MOExtended Bridgestone tyres are less durable than RFT when operated at zero pressure and consequently have a reduced runflat capability.

Mercedes Benz state that the maximum distance that a MOE tyre is permitted to cover when operating at zero pressure is 80Km, if the vehicle is partially loaded and 30km if it is fully laden.

Can MOE tyres be repaired?

Refer to the repair of run flat versions for all suppliers.


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