Tyre Speed Rating



The speed rating or speed index is represented by a letter and associated with the tyre’s maximum speed capability when operating at its maximum load carrying capacity. A tyre marked with a ‘Y’ speed rating, indicates it can be safely operated at a maximum speed of 300kph.

Speed Category Symbol Speed (km/h) Speed Category Symbol Speed (km/h) Speed Category Symbol Speed (km/h)
A1 5 E 70 S 180
A2 10 F 80 T 190
A3 15 G 90 U 200
A4 20 J 100 H 210
A5 25 K 110 V 240
A6 30 L 120 W 270
A7 35 M 130 Y 300
A8 40 N 140 Z *Over 240
B 50 P 150
C 60 Q 160
D 65 R 170

*Consult tyre manufacturer for Speed and Load Capacity

When the letters “ZR” are included in the tyre size and followed by a service description, the tyre speed category is that included by the service description.

Service Description Examples:
Tyre Description Maximum Speed Capacity
225/55R 17 97W 270kph
225/55ZR 17 97W 270kph
255/40R 17 94W 270kph
255/40ZR 17 (94)* Over 240kph*

*Only tyres V, W or Y are included in this category.


The tyre manufacturer must be consulted to ascertain the tyre’s maximum speed capability when the tyre has a “ZR” symbol and no service description. The “ZR” symbol must appear in the tyre size designation for tyres having a maximum speed capability of over 300kph.


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