Light Truck Tyres vs Commercial

Light truck tyres vs commercial tyres

What’s the difference and do you need them?

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If you have a truck, ute or van that is used for carrying or towing heavy loads you 

have probably wondered which is the best tyre to fit to your vehicle.

When it comes to industrial or working vehicles, the right tyres are crucial to your day-to-day operations. That’s where light truck tyres or commercial tyres can provide the stability and reliability that you need for big days on the road. 

Not sure which type of tyre is right for you?

No problem, in this article we’re exploring the ins and outs of LT tyres and commercial tyres, so you’ll discover exactly what they do and who they suit best. 


What are light truck (LT) tyres?

Light truck tyres are made for light duty and heavy duty trucks and vans. 

Designed for traction and strength on and off the road with a load capacity ranging between ½ ton and 1 ton.

They’re built with a robust internal construction and the ability to withstand on-road obstacles such as bumps and potholes. This is great, particularly for working vehicles that frequently travel in industrial areas where roads aren’t as smooth.

Light truck tyres feature a meatier tread pattern than highway terrain tyres and strong sidewalls that provide enhanced protection from exterior damage. They are also capable of carrying heavy loads which makes them great for industrial work and towing. 


What does LT on a tyre mean?

You can quickly and easily check to see whether your vehicle is fitted with Light truck tyres by looking at the tyre itself.  Simply, look for ‘LT’ marked on the outside of the wheel.


Do I need light truck tyres?

When considering light truck tyres for your truck or ute it’s best to think about how you plan to use your vehicle each day. 

Is it regularly going to be carrying heavy loads?

Do you need tyres equipped for towing increased weight such as that of a caravan?

Are you looking for a more robust and resilient tyre with the ability to handle uneven on-road surfaces and some off-road terrain?

If you answered yes to the above, light truck tyres may be a great option for you.


What are commercial tyres?

Commercial tyres are made to endure the challenges of working vehicles. With performance and durability in front of mind they are tough tyres that are suited best to trucks, buses, mining vehicles, tractors and agricultural vehicles. 


Are van tyres different to car tyres?

Although van tyres may look similar to your car tyres, they’re actually quite
different. They run at much higher inflation pressures and are specifically made for heavy load vehicles. Before you choose which tyre to put on your car, check the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.


Can I put passenger car tyres on a light truck?

It’s not recommended that you put passenger car tyres on a light truck. When you think about the usage for a light truck it is usually for carrying heavy loads, towing and taking on some harsher terrain. Using passenger car tyres on a working vehicle will probably only end one way: with your truck in the repair shop. It’s not an ideal situation, particularly if you rely on your vehicle to make a living. So, best to stick to the right tyres for your light truck.


Unsure which tyres are best for you?

If you’re still not 100% sure which tyres are right you, it’s always best to chat to a professional. After all, if your commercial van or light truck is racking up the kilometres day after day, you want to make sure you’ve got the best tyres for the job. 

At JAX we stock tyres suitable for vans and light trucks, with a focus on durability, economy and performance. With leading brands including Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear and more, you’ll find the right set of tyres for your commercial vehicle or light truck. And, we’re making it even easier to find the right fit with our online tyre finder. 

Your light truck or commercial tyres are just a few clicks away.

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