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Australian Grand Prix Preview

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Round 1 of 20
Melbourne, 24-26 March 2017

Milan, March 20, 2017 – A new season is born with brand new rules that are among the most revolutionary in recent history. Added to tyres that are 25% wider and cars around five seconds per lap faster (compared to 2015) is a new tyre philosophy for 2017: less degradation and fewer peaks of temperature, allowing Formula 1 drivers to push hard during every stint.




• A semi-permanent track: always ‘green’ and dirty at the start of the weekend.aust-gp-2017_albert-park
• Hard acceleration and braking: longitudinal forces are greater than lateral ones.
• Lots of slow corners: emphasis on mechanical grip and high downforce.
• Left-rear tyre is worked hardest.
• Anything can happen with the weather: from bright sunshine to torrential rain.
• Reasonably smooth asphalt, so tyre wear and degradation is comparatively low.

“The teams completed 7427 laps of Barcelona during pre-season testing, using all the compounds but concentrating on the medium and soft tyres, which were the ones best suited to Montmeló. In Melbourne, it’s going to be interesting to collect more data on the ultrasoft and supersoft compounds, which we’ve not been able to fully assess up to now.”



Pirelli takes the ultrasoft compound to Australia for the first time.
• There are new rules governing race starts (where the drivers will have more clutch control) and re-starts after safety cars in wet conditions (from the grid).
• From Australia to Spain, teams will have identical tyre allocations: seven sets of the softest compound available, four sets of the middle compound, and two of the hardest compound. In Australia, these are ultrasoft, supersoft and soft (in order).
• From Monaco, normal rules apply: teams will select 10 sets of the 13 available. Pirelli will communicate the selections on the Tuesday, 10 days before the race.


22 psi (fronts) – 19.5 psi (rears)




Continental Wins Autobild Tyre Test

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JAXBlog_Continental_AutobildTyreTestContinental’s PremiumContact 6 finished top of the podium in Autobild’s annual summer tyre test.

Autobild tested 52 tyre models in size 225/50 R 17 from European, American and Asian manufacturers fitted to the test vehicle of a BMW 3 Series.

About Continental’s newest tyre, Autobild said: “The clear winner on this comparative test is the new PremiumContact 6 from Continental.  It never slipped up in any of the twelve test disciplines and won not only the overall test but also the title of “Eco-Champion”.

It offered the “best driving characteristics on wet and dry roads, dynamic handling performance with a precise steering response, and short braking distances in the wet and dry,” and its “superior mileage” was praised.

On the win, Continental’s Head of PR, Passenger, and Light Truck Tyres Worldwide, Alexander Bahlmann said: “We are delighted at this outstanding initial test result, because for our tyre developers it represents two things at once: a major endorsement for their work and the ideal motivation to continue developing solutions at the very highest technological level in the future.”

Out of the 52 tyre models tested, Autobild warned against buying 13 models of tyre which failed the safety check due to “dangerously long” braking distances.

JAXBlog_Continental_AutobildTyreTest_TestCarsAccording to Continental, its PremiumContact 6 tyre combines top-class safety characteristics with a high level of comfort, a precise steering response and a good environmental performance.

To attain this new level of engineering, the team at Continental developed new compounds, optimised the tread design by borrowing from the high-tech SportContact 6 sports tyre, and created a tread that makes for a comfortable ride.

The PremiumContact 6 will gradually replace its two predecessors, the ContiSportContact 5 and the ContiPremiumContact 5.


Bridgestone Receives Global Contribution Award from Toyota

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Bridgestone-Logo-250At its annual Global Suppliers Convention, Toyota presented Bridgestone with a Global Contribution Award.

The most prestigious award presented to suppliers by Toyota, the Global Contribution Award recognises the supplier that earned the highest combined evaluation from Toyota’s various manufacturing facilities around the world.

Bridgestone also received the “Superior” Value Improvement Award in recognition of its commitment to maximising efficiencies and meeting customer needs in this important area.

This award is testament to the global contributions Bridgestone has made to Toyota’s efforts to “making even-better cars” based on its Global Vision.


Goodyear Shares Concepts, Technology for Urban Mobility at Geneva International Motor Show

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goodyear-eagle-360At this month’s Geneva International Motor Show, the Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company showcased its latest concept tyres fitted with several new and emerging technologies.

In today’s evolving mobility ecosystem, defined by Goodyear as the transition to driverless vehicles and shared mobility in urban centres, the tyre manufacturer is aiming to revolutionise the interaction between tyres, vehicles and their surroundings.

Its new concept tyres – the spherical-shaped Eagle 360 Urban and the IntelliGrip Urban smart tyre – apply emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity to help the autonomous vehicles of the future navigate the millions of possible unknowns motorists face in every day driving scenarios.

“The future of the automotive industry is being shaped by rapid advances in technology and changing consumer attitudes and behaviours,” Joe Zekoski, Goodyear’s senior vice president and chief technical officer said.

Goodyear Eagle 360 Urban

An evolution of Goodyear’s 2016 spherical-shaped design concept for autonomous vehicles, the  Eagle 360 Urban further integrates the tyre into the vehicle’s nervous system by giving it an artificial intelligence ‘brain’ that allows it to sense, decide, transform and interact.

Key features of the Eagle 360 Urban include:

• V2X communications connectivity to gather and share real-time information about driving conditions from the tyres, other vehicles, infrastructure and traffic systems for a complete picture;
• Artificial intelligence to process the data through deep learning algorithms and improve braking, handling and efficiency; and,
• A bionic skin made of a super-elastic polymer with high-sensory capacity and the flexibility to adapt its tread pattern to driving conditions with the help of actuators beneath the surface.

Goodyear IntelliGrip Urban

The Goodyear IntelliGrip Urban is a smart tyre concept designed for autonomous, on-demand transportation, with a focus on maximising uptime and reducing operating costs for ride-sharing service providers.

Key features include:

• Sensor-in-tyre technology to gather and share information about road and weather conditions, with the vehicle control system to optimise speed, braking, handling and stability;
• Proactive maintenance through telematics and tyre health monitoring to maximise uptime by allowing fleet operators to precisely identify and resolve tyre-related issues safety before they happen; and,
• A fuel-efficient tall and narrow design that reduces rolling resistance and extends range for electric vehicles, as well as few tread grooves to reduce noise levels and offer a more comfortable ride and longer tread life.

Additional information on these concept tyres is available via the following links:


Eagle 360 Urban:    

IntelliGrip Urban:   



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