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Waste Tyre Management


JAX Tyres work directly with Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) and Tyrecycle in a partnership to ensure a uniform approach to the environmentally friendly disposal of scrap tyres. Tyres can be recycled for productive uses in the future, taking on a second life and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

JAX removes the risk of scrap tyres being dumped in landfill, burnt or left on temporarily rented fields or properties by unscrupulous traders. The long term environmental and societal costs on local flora, fauna, waterways and the population from irresponsible tyre disposal should be eliminated. Tyrecycle’s entry into national resource recovery in 1992 has it well positioned to recycle scrap rubber, constantly developing methods to stop waste rubber from entering landfill. Waste tyre management is included in the quoted price of your new tyre service.

Tyre Stewardship Australia is an ACCC approved, government supported industry framework to reduce the environmental, health and safety impacts for tyres that reach their end of life each year. The goal is to reduce the volume of tyre damaging the environment in landfill, dumped illegally or exported overseas. JAX Tyres is proud to partner with TSA.

For more information on the harmful practice of improper waste tyre disposal see the following links;