Car battery tips


How to maintain and when to replace your car battery

How to maintain and when to replace your car battery


When you think about car maintenance your first thoughts are probably around cleaning, tyre safety and servicing. 

Most people forget about the importance of car batteries and don’t have a full understanding of how to take care of them, how to make them last or when it’s the right time is to replace them. 

Your car battery is the heart of almost every core vehicle feature and function and is responsible for starting the engine, for powering in-car computers and so much more.

Flat or damaged batteries are a number one cause of breakdowns, roadside assists and car failure. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips on car battery maintenance and replacement.

Read on to learn:

-   When to check your car battery

-   How to spot a low battery

-   The 5 top cause of flat car batteries

-   How to keep your battery charged and car running smoothly


How do I know if I need a new car battery?

With proper care and maintenance it is possible that your battery will last for five years or more. But, in general, most car batteries will wear down and need replacement within about three to four years.

The good news is that with regular checks and by keeping a look out for the tell-tale signs, you’ll never be left stranded roadside or unable to turn your car on because of a flat battery.


“Flat or damaged batteries are a number one cause of breakdowns, roadside assists and car failure.”

Dying/damaged car batteries: the tell-tale signs

- A slow starting engine

-   The ‘check engine’ light is on

-   Dim headlights

-   A bad smell (a damaged battery can leak gas and give off a nasty smell)

-   Corroded connectors (if you notice a white substance on the metal parts of your battery you’ve probably got a corrosion issue)

-   It’s been 3+ years since you replaced the battery

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to see a car professional / mechanic. They’ll be able to quickly and safely test your car battery using a set of electronic testers.

Battery inspection and replacement is a quick and affordable process which will avoid annoying breakdowns and damage to your car.


Find your local battery testing and replacement centre


5 top causes of a flat battery

Body: If you have a flat battery it is probably due to one of the top 5 causes: user error, 

old age, charging malfunction, heat or corrosion.


1. User Error

The most common and the most obvious cause of a flat or dead battery is user 

error. This could be as simple as leaving your headlights on, leaving an interior light on or leaving your phone on charge. It’s easy to do and while you can use jump leads to kick start your car, doing this several times can cause permanent damage to your battery.

2. Old age

The second most common cause of a flat car battery is age. As mentioned, car batteries are not designed to last for decades and will usually need replacement every 3-5 years.

3. Charging malfunction

On occasion, a dead battery may be due to an issue with the car’s charging system. 

If you see the battery warning light appear when you’re driving it could be a sign that there’s a malfunction.

4. Heat

In warmer climates, battery damage or failure can be caused by overheating. 


Warmer environmental temperatures can speed up the reaction heat between electrolytes and lead plates – this can overheat your battery and cause it to fail.

5. Corrosion

Another fairly common cause of a flat car battery is corrosion on your battery terminals. 

Corrosion appears as a white, ashy substance and is fairly easy to spot.  

It can reduce the power flow to your car and should be cleaned up or your battery replaced by a professional.


“Car batteries are not designed to last for decades and will usually need replacement every 3-5 years”


Keep your battery charged and your car running smoothly


At Jax we want to keep you on the road and without the worry of a flat battery. 


That’s why we stock an extensive range of quality batteries for cars, 4WDs, bikes and boats.When you book in with a Jax professional, your battery will be thoroughly checked and tested. And, if it needs to be replaced we can do it on site and remove your old battery for recycling at no extra cost.         

A flat or damaged car battery is a major inconvenience but is quick and easy to fix. It’s even better if you can completely prevent a breakdown by booking in for  regular check-ups.


Have you had your car battery for 3 years or more?

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