Vehicle Registration Rego Check

Rego Check - What You Need to Know

There's a lot of lingo when it comes to having a vehicle. From pink slips, blue slips, rego checks, car history reports and everything in between. But what do they all mean, and what are the differences?

In Australia, all vehicles are registered in a state or territory - this is the registration or 'rego'. Regulations vary from State to State, and finding out whether your current or potential new purchase is registered is not as easy as checking the national database.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of a rego check, how to order one online and whether now is the right time for you to get one.

Vehicle Rego Checks

You can do a rego check on any vehicle to confirm the details of its registration history. A vehicle registration check is for any vehicle recorded in the State's Vehicles Register. However, it is not a national check. This includes cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers and caravans.

You can check your rego using your vehicle's registration plates (license plates) or VIN if the car was made after 1989.

Why should I do a car registration?

You probably already have a rough idea of what a rego check is, or at least heard the term when a friend or family member has bought a new car. But why should you bother to get one yourself?

All cars on Australian roads must hold a valid registration. If authorities pull you over while driving an unregistered vehicle you can receive hefty fines, or end up with license penalties.

In Australia, it's the driver's responsibility, even if it's not your car, to ensure that the vehicle is registered with the relevant state authorities. It's worth keeping on top of, especially considering how simple it is to check.

You can help save yourself hefty fines or demerit points by running an online registration check.

What is the difference between a rego check and a car history check?

While sounding surprisingly similar, a rego check and a car history check are different. A rego check is entirely free and available online. It will give you the bare minimum and generally consists of pulling up the vehicles:

  • Registration number
  • Registration status
  • Registration expiry
  • Make, model and body shape

On the other hand, a car history check is a more comprehensive vehicle check. It's much more detailed, and while it isn't necessary, it may be useful if you're buying a used car or need more information on your current vehicle. More than one third of all used car buyers lack confidence around the used car they want to buy. If this is you, we recommend getting a car history check to provide some peace of mind when it comes to your purchase.

A car history check includes:

  • Registration number
  • Registration status
  • Registration expiry
  • Make, model and body shape
  • PPSR Certificate
  • Stolen check
  • Written off check
  • Finance check
  • Odometer check
  • Price/odometer comparison
  • Vehicle valuation
  • VIN check
  • First sale information

How to do an online rego check?

Like most things, the internet has made checking a vehicle's registration easier. You no longer need to do it in person - it can easily be done from the comfort of your own four walls. All you need to do is check the vehicle's registration details via the Transport Department, where the vehicle has been registered.

Links to Rego Check by State

Choose your state and visit the department website to perform your online check.

How to order a car history report?

To get an accurate car history report, you will need a PPSR certificate. The PPSR service is a national register for recording security interests in personal property. To check the vehicle's status, simply visit the PPSR motor vehicle search website. You'll need to have your vehicle's chassis number of the VIN. Fees apply, but it will be cheaper than going through a third-party source.

In the end, you are given an easy-to-read report which includes stolen, written-off, water damage checks and registration checks.

Is it time for a rego check?

Are you planning on selling or buying a car?

Want to take a big road trip?

Not confident about the safety or history of your car?

It's likely time for a rego check and/or a more extensive car history check.

This way, you’ll know with complete certainty you're not putting yourself or your passengers lives in danger due to an unsafe car.

If you're unsure whether your car is up to scratch, talk to your friendly local JAX store.

Our team members are experts in all things motor and tyres.
We can help you keep your car safe and help you enjoy the ride.

Related Service: JAX vehicle safety inspection

Go a step further than a rego check and ensure your car is safe for you and your passengers. A car registration alone doesn't promise that the car's mechanics are solid.

When you book in for a vehicle safety inspection, a qualified mechanic will check your car with focused attention on its core safety and roadworthiness. This will include everything from your brakes to your wheel alignment, engine and battery, all detailed in a comprehensive report for your peace of mind.

We recommend getting a safety inspection every 6 months to ensure everything is running smoothly and that there are no hidden problems.

See: JAX Vehicle Safety Inspection

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