Pirelli Zero Hazards Warranty


Protect against potholes, gutters and debris with the Pirelli Zero Hazard Warranty for Scorpion ATR and AT+ tyres. Purchase two or more Pirelli Scorpion ATR or AT+ tyres and register for your warranty.

All Scorpion ATR and AT+ sizes are included. The warranty is valid if registered through the form provided via mail to the listed Pirelli address or via emailed copy of the form and your scanned invoice to marketing.au@pirelli.com within 30 days of your purchase, to have a form emailed to you please click here and fill out your details.

Once application is completed a warranty certificate is supplied to the owner of the tyres and the warranty is then valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. One replacement claim is valid per tyre.

In the case of a claim the owner of the tyres should visit the store issuing the original invoice, supply the invoice and warranty certificate. The store will be responsible to judge if the damage is covered by the warranty or not. Claims are limited to the number of tyres purchased. Any additional cost to repair or fit the tyres is not covered by the warranty. A photo of the tyre (s) in question must be taken by the store and sent to marketing.au@pirelli.com including the DOT number.

Click here for the Pirelli Zero Hazards Warranty terms and conditions.


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