Laufenn 30day Satisfaction Guarantee


Laufenn 30day Satisfaction Guarantee

What is the 'Laufenn 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee' Program?

Purchase a set of four (4) LAUFENN tyres and if you are not satisfied with the performance, we will exchange it for a new set of Laufenn / Hankook tyres for the equivalent value of the original tyres purchased.

Where to get the Laufenn 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed tyres?

Laufenn Tyres

Visit any participating dealers to purchase a set of four (4) LAUFENN tyres to enjoy the peace of mind 'LAUFENN 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Program'.


Tyres must be returned to the original place of purchase within 30 days from the date of purchase or before 1,000 kilometres usage, whichever applies first, to redeem this offer.

Refund Terms and Conditions

A customer who purchases a set of four (4) LAUFENN tyres under a qualifying transaction has to return the tyres for an exchange within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase if he/she is dissatisfied with the performance of the tyres.

Exclusions and Limitations

A customer will not be entitled to an exchange under this Program if the tyres:

  • Are damaged due to misuse or misapplication
  • Are damaged due to road hazard damage
  • Are damaged due to excessive use during the 30 day period of ownership
  • Are damaged due to punctures caused by theft, natural disaster or neglect
  • Are damaged due to mechanical problems relating to the vehicle
  • Are damaged or excessively worn from any racing-related, race circuit activities or competitive events
  • Could have been purchased at a lesser price than the price at which they were purchased by the customers

Fleet, trade and wholesale purchases are excluded and will not qualify for a refund. Fitting cost (max. $15/tyre, max. total $60/set of four (4) tyres) will be credited to the dealers.

Customer Obligations

Original sales receipt must be shown as proof of purchase and attached to claim form for a refund.

This "LAUFENN 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee Program" is applicable only in Australia. No representative or Dealer has authority to make any representation, promise or agreement on behalf of Hankook Tyre Australia Pty Ltd except as stated herein.

Click here for the Laufenn Guarantee Claim Form

Click here for the Terms and Conditions


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