MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST: A new tyre that reflects MICHELIN Total Performance

June 07, 2013 | Michelin


MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST tyres keep noise out and comfort in, delivering a safer and more peaceful drive every day. Michelin has set a new benchmark in the market by applying its philosophy of MICHELIN Total Performance with the launch of the MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST tyre. Designed and developed for discerning Australian consumers, the new MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST is the answer.

“The diverse weather and road conditions in Australia, from extreme heat and humidity in the north, to cold and icy conditions in the Southeast during winter, make the needs of drivers here different to those in other regions such as Europe,” said Michelin AustraliaManaging Director Thierry MARTIN.

We are listening to the needs of drivers, and have responded to data collected over a ten year period to develop this new, breakthrough tyre.

“Michelin conducted preliminary studies on tyres that had travelled more than 1.3 million kilometres during the research and development stage. Our engineers then spent 18 months incorporating these findings in the design of the MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST tyre.

“As a result the MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST tyre is quieter, more comfortable, safer and longer lasting tyre, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

“Michelin’s ability to bring several key performance factors together in a single tyre, and then improve each one of them, offers a real difference for motorists.”

The unique ability to deliver multiple performances simultaneously is the essence of MICHELIN Total Performance. This strategy lies at the core of Michelin’s research and development globally. It requires Michelin engineers to work simultaneously on improving performance factors, widely considered to be irreconcilable thanks to the use of unique technologies.

The MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST features four industry leading Michelin technologies:

– EvenPeak technology ensures an 8% quieter ride compared to leading competitors. This is thanks to a unique tread pattern with a wider spectrum of tread-block sizes, spreading noise across a frequency range which makes it significantly quieter. That’s why Michelin called its new Primacy generation ST which stands for Silence Tuned.

– CushionGuard technology combines flexible tread compounds, shock absorbent sidewalls, and noise-filtering rubber to cushion vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces. This delivers a more comfortable ride.

– Stabiligrip and FlexMax technologies work together to achieve 1.6 meters shorter braking distance in wet conditions than predecessor and 2.2 meters compared to the average of leading competitors.*
Lastly, with a larger contact patch, the MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST tyre’s durability and tyre life is extended by 25% compared to its predecessor. ^

The new MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST is available now from all MICHELIN Authorised Dealers. It will be available in a wide range of sizes from 15” to 19” and is priced at the same level as its predecessor.

For more information about the MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST please visit:

http://www.michelin.com.au/Products-Services/Car-SUVLT/ passenger_car/size.html?summer=Primacy%203%20ST

*Based on TUV Rheinland Australia Pty Ltd wet braking test report; MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST tyr es compared to its previous generation, MICHELIN PRIMACY LC tyres; Field test in Thailand; Test date 12-02-2013; Toyota Camry 2.0G 2012; Tyre Size: 215/55 R17 94V ; Air Pressure (F/R): 32/32 psi.
^Based on MICHELIN internal test results, conducted in Thailand on TOYOTA CAMRY 2.0 VVT-i (2006); Tyre Size 215/55 R17 94V Rim size: 7.0J17 Air Pressure [bar] 2.2/2.2 Front Load per tyre (kg/tyre): 498 Rear Load per tyre (kg/tyre): 423


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