Continental’s New CrossContact ATR Tyre is Suitable for Both On- and Off-Road Driving

November 16, 2016 | correspondent


Continental has announced the introduction of a new tyre to its SUV product portfolio, the CrossContact ATR which delivers safe on and off-highway driving.

Its advanced silica compound offers good grip even in the wet and the angled sipes in the tread blocks ensure faster water dispersion on wet roads.

A noise barrier, taking the form of small bars between the blocks in the tyre shoulder, reduces tyre/road noise from the side of the tyre, making for a quieter ride.

To maximise off-road grip, Continental’s tyre developers have equipped the CrossContact ATR with special ‘grip teeth’ between the grooves, as well as an open tread design with a large number of sipes.  This tread pattern delivers additional traction and reliable grip on loose surfaces.

When travelling over more uneven, stony tracks the large tread blocks and robust rubber compound offer strong resistance to cuts and cracks, and stones are rapidly ejected from the grooves.

As a result, the new CrossContact ATR offers high mileage even when regularly used off-road.

Continental_CrossContac.jpgThe design of the sidewall and shoulder of Continental’s new tyre features rugged tread block extensions drawn deep into the sidewall to protect against lateral damage.
There is also a rim protection rib to protect both the rim and tyre in the event of contact with the kerb or with obstacles in tough terrain.

Suitable for a wide range of SUVs and 4×4 models, the CrossContact ATR will be available in a variety of sizes and widths.

With its on/off-road ratio of 70/30 per cent, the new CrossContact ATR is positioned in the Continental’s tyre portfolio between classic off-highway tyres like the ContiCrossContact AT (50/50) and more on-road products like the ContiCrossContact LX 2 (80/20) and the PremiumContact 6 (100/0).



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