BFGoodrich Australia Launches Off Road Escape App


January 16, 2018 | correspondent

BFGoodrich Tyres Australia has launched a new smartphone app, offering users the ability to locate and receive information on 4×4 tracks and trails throughout Australia.

‘Off Road Escape’ was developed in collaboration with technology consultancy, Transpire, and is a free app that offers both live tracking and offline maps to download at no charge.Apart from being a handy tool for anyone venturing off the beaten path, user can also share their off road passions such as trail information, 4×4 tips, points of interest on tracks, vehicle details and modifications with friends and likeminded enthusiasts.

“Our customers are enthusiasts who love to explore nature, challenge themselves and share those experiences with their friends and others within the off road community,” BFGoodrich Australia’s Marketing Manager, Tim Hoare said.

“Whether you’re joining a weekend expedition with the local 4×4 club or overlanding through the Simpson, the Off Road Escape app simply allows more people to access and explore the hand to reach parts of our country, in the same way our tyres do.”

The Off Road Escape offers functionality including the creation of user profiles with vehicle information, 4×4 tips and advice, route plotting as well as live tracking and offline maps.

The Off Road Escape app is available for free in the Apple iTunes store now or for more information, go to

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