myjax Terms & Conditions

myjax platinum Tyre Maintenance Plan Terms & Conditions

The myjax Platinum Tyre Maintenance Plan is managed and operated by JAX Tyres Franchising Systems Pty Limited (ACN 112 050 058).

These terms and conditions house the following terms, their meanings below;

"Approved Brand Tyres" are the JAX approved tyre brands, including Achilles, BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Firestone, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin, Micky Thompson, Laufenn, General and Pirelli. All other tyre brands sold within JAX franchises do not qualify for the myjax Tyre Maintenance Program.
"Database" is the database of member information held by JAX for the myjax Tyre Maintenance Program.
"JAX" is the JAX Tyres Franchising Systems Pty Limited (ACN 112 050 058) and its authorised representatives;
"Maintenance Plan" is the Tyre Maintenance Plan which a customer qualifies for following a qualifying purchase in-store or online.
"Member ID" is the 8 digit number generated by JAX for the member as a unique member identification.
"Member" is the individual who has qualified for a myjax membership.;
"Member Information" is the information collected from the member, including the member's name, email address, residential address, phone number, date of birth,gender, vehicle mileage, vehicle registration number, and the date, type and price of transactions:
on making a qualifying purchase;
on the online membership registration;
on completing or updating the personal profile; and
as a result of transactions regarding the vehicle;
"Member's Page" is the page on the myjax site that is personalised to the member and the member can access using their unique member ID and password to log in;
"Milestones" are the key milestones in the life of the member’s tyres subject to the Maintenance Plan, for example; 5,000kms or 3 months and 10,000kms or 6 months;
"myjax" is the myjax Tyre Maintenance Program managed and operated by JAX, where members are eligible to access benefits such as vouchers;
"my Maintenance Plan Vouchers" are the discount rates on products and/or services, product specials, promotions and other incentives offered by the myjax program at each milestone.
"my Rewards Vouchers" are the discount rates on products and/or services, product specials, promotions and other incentives offered by the myjax program from time to time, and in its absolute discretion other rewards available to the member from time to time;
"Online Privacy Policy" is JAX's Privacy Policy  accessible from here Privacy policy;

"Qualifying Purchase" is the purchase, on any single occasion from a JAX store and/or online, of any 4 new JAX approved brand tyres with fitment, balance and a wheel alignment; or
the purchase for the same vehicle from a JAX store and/or online of any 2 new JAX approved brand tyres, with fitment and balance on two occasions and a wheel alignment within a thirty day timeframe of the initial purchase.
"Site" is the dedicated myjax page at, which can also be accessed from the JAX website;
"Terms and Conditions" are the  terms and conditions that govern the myjax program, and can be amended from time to time;
"Vehicle" is the vehicle for which a qualifying purchase was made;
"Vouchers" are the vouchers received by the customer, including my Maintenance Plan vouchers and my Rewards vouchers.
These terms and conditions form the basis of myjax Tyre Maintenance Program. These terms and conditions, as varied from time to time, apply to all myjax transactions, including where a member uses their member ID to redeem a voucher.
When interpreting these terms and conditions the singular includes the plural and the plural includes the singular.

An individual person must make a qualifying purchase in order to be eligible to become a myjax member. Wholesale and fleet customers cannot qualify to become a myjax member regardless of whether they make a myjax qualifying purchase.
When a customer makes their first qualifying purchase, the customer will receive an email asking them to activate their account by completing an online membership registration form, providing select personal details and select a password for the program.
When the customer submits an online membership registration form, this represents the member's acceptance of the program terms and conditions.
Acceptance of a customer’s myjax application is at the sole discretion of JAX. JAX reserves the right to refuse or decline any myjax application.
A myjax membership is only activated when;
acceptance by JAX of a completed membership registration form; and when
the member receives a myjax welcome email, which will be sent to the email address that was specified in the membership registration form.
The member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their unique member ID and password.
The member is responsible for the content of the member information. All member information must be accurate, complete and up to date. Members should notify JAX when there is a change in the member’s member information
If the member does not maintain their member information, JAX will not be able to offer the benefits of the myjax Program  to the member and may terminate membership.
Membership is transferable on the sale of the member’s vehicle at the sole discretion of the member selling the vehicle. Prior to supplying the member ID and password to enable the buyer to use the myjax Program and access the vouchers, the member should update the member information on the member's page to that of the buyer so that the buyer does not have access to the member's personal information. The member acknowledges that if they provide their member ID and password to the buyer and the vehicle's registration number will remain the same; the buyer will be able to view the vehicle transaction history.

Member's Page
When a member accesses the member's page for the first time, the member needs to create their personal profile by completing the mandatory fields under "Personal Details" and outlining their preferences for marketing activity under "Preferences".
Via the Member's Page, the member will be able to:
View and update personal details;
View and update mailing preferences;
View and print vouchers;
View transaction history for vehicles (for transactions that match the member's Member ID and vehicle registration number)

The member has an option of opting out of all electronic communications under myjax, even if the electronic communications are not commercial electronic communications under the Spam Act 2003 (Cth). If the member opts out of receiving electronic communications under myjax, the member is solely responsible for checking the member's page, to access the vouchers.

The member information will be held on a database maintained by JAX and a third party service provider engaged by JAX to administer the myjax program.
The member information on this database may be used, stored and transmitted by JAX in accordance with the online privacy policy and these terms and conditions. JAX may use this information for marketing, planning, product development, research and other commercial purposes. Under no circumstances will information be made available to any other parties without the member's consent, unless required by law.

Benefits of Membership
All members are eligible for vouchers.
JAX will post available myrewards vouchers on the member's page.
JAX will post available my Maintenance Plan vouchers on the member's page and unless members have unsubscribed to email communications, members will also receive email notifications of my maintenance plan vouchers.
Members need to either print out, SMS and present vouchers at any JAX store in order to redeem and use their vouchers. Staff at JAX stores are not responsible for accessing the Database to ensure the member's entitlement if the member does not have the voucher.
Vouchers are not exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
Vouchers can only be used once and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Only one voucher can be redeemed per visit.
Vouchers are offered at the absolute discretion of JAX and JAX reserves the right to withdraw, cancel, vary or in any way alter, at any time, any of the vouchers offered or advertised. This includes changing the value of the vouchers or limiting the availability of the vouchers. Members will be notified of any such changes.
Members can have up to five (5) vehicles under their myjax membership if they have made a qualifying purchase for each vehicle.
If a vehicle's tyres are replaced by the member and in doing so, the member makes another qualifying purchase; the new tyres will be subject to a new maintenance plan.
If a member purchases a new vehicle, the myjax Maintenance Plan vouchers for the vehicle cannot be used in relation to the new vehicle.The myRewards vouchers can be used in relation to the new vehicle. If the member makes a qualifying purchase for the new vehicle, the new tyres will be subject to a new maintenance plan.

A myjax member may terminate its membership of from the program at any time by giving written notice to JAX. Upon receipt of notice of termination to JAX from the member, the member's contact details will be recorded on the database as closed.
Subject to clause 6.3, JAX reserves the right to terminate, modify or suspend a member’s myjax membership in whole or in part at any time in its absolute discretion by giving no less than thirty (30) days’ notice to members. JAX gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of any vouchers.
JAX may terminate any membership of myjax in its sole discretion and without notice and for any reason, including without limitation, if a member:
fails to comply with these terms and conditions;
is suspected of defrauding JAX in any way;
abuses any privilege afforded to members; or
supplies misleading information or makes any misrepresentation to JAX in connection with the member information, myjax or the My Rewards vouchers.
Intellectual property Copyright © JAX Tyres Franchising Services Pty Ltd 2012. All rights reserved.
The member acknowledges and agrees that all content, coding, text, graphics, images, trade names and information available on this site are protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights and laws. The information on this site may be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any form or manner without JAX's prior written consent or unless it is in accordance with these terms and conditions. The member may download and print these terms and conditions for their personal non-commercial use.

Disclaimers & Liability
JAX does not warrant, guarantee or make any representations regarding the content, accuracy, adequacy, reliability, completeness, timeliness or any other aspect of the information available on the site or that it is suitable for the member's intended use. The access to, and the information available on the site is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, express or implied, to the extent permissible by law. The information is general in nature and does not constitute professional advice, and is provided for informational purposes only. In spite of reasonable efforts to keep the content current, it may become out of date from time to time.
JAX does not warrant or represent that the information provided on the site is free from human or mechanical error, technical inaccuracies or other typographical errors or defects. The use of the site is at the member's risk.
JAX makes no warranties, guarantees or representations that the material in the site or made available for download through the site or delivered via electronic mail via the site will not cause damage or that the material is free from any computer virus or any other defects. JAX recommends that virus checks should be done on any information downloaded.
JAX will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the site is available continuously, however JAX does not guarantee that access to the site will be continuous or uninterrupted.
JAX reserves the right to immediately cancel, terminate, modify or suspend myjax, without notice to the member:
should for any reason myjax be incapable of running as planned, including without limitation where a virus, bug or matter beyond the reasonable control of JAX corrupts the security or proper administration of myjax;
where reasonably necessary to protect JAX's legitimate interests, to maintain or improve the site or to comply with an order from any competent judicial, administrative or regulatory authority.
Except as specifically set out in these terms and conditions or contained in any warranty statement provided with the products or services purchased or supplied through myjax, these terms and conditions do not include by implication any other term, condition or warranty, in respect of the quality, acceptability, merchantability, condition, description, assembly, manufacture or performance of myjax or any contractual remedy for their failure.
Except to the extent of any liability imposed by the Australian Consumer Law Schedule of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), JAX is not liable:
to the member in any way arising under or in connection with myjax;
for any indirect or consequential losses or expenses suffered by the member or any third party, howsoever caused, including but not limited to loss of turnover, profits, business or goodwill or any liability to any other party.

JAX reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice and in JAX's absolute discretion to these terms and conditions. JAX may notify members of any changes within thirty (30) days but will not be liable in any way for failure to do so. Members should refer to the site for the current terms and conditions.
For the purpose of these terms and conditions, notice may be given by:
sending the notice to the email address of the member which appears in the database;
posting a notice to the member's page; or
notices placed on the site or JAX's website at
JAX's online privacy policy forms part of these terms and conditions which will prevail over the privacy policy to the extent of any inconsistency.
If a clause is unenforceable it must be read down to be enforceable or, if it cannot be read down, the term must be severed from these terms and conditions, without affecting the enforceability of the remaining terms.
The laws of New South Wales governs these terms and conditions.
The publication of electronic mail addresses on this site is to facilitate communications relating to JAX's functions. It must not be inferred as consent by JAX to receive unsolicited commercial electronic messages.

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