All Wheel Drive and Full Time 4x4 Vehicles Tyre Replacement Guidelines


All Wheel Drive and Full Time 4x4 Vehicles Tyre Replacement Guidelines

  • Vehicle manufacturers often comment in the user's manual that if one, two or three tyres are replaced on these vehicles, it can cause problems with the transfer case and differential.
  • Refer to your vehicle owner's manual, regularly rotate tyres to ensure even wear rate via the myjax platinum tyre maintenance program and for ease of replacement for your next set of tyres.
  • The overall diameter of a new tyre can be significantly different to a used tyre, especially if the new tyres fitted are of a different brand or design.
  • When tyres fitted to a vehicle are of a different overall diameter, they will spin at different speeds and put uneven, excessive load on the vehicle's all wheel drive system. This uneven load can lead to possibly expensive drive train failure not covered by your new vehicle warranty. 'Its recommended that where possible, 4 new tyres are replaced for these vehicles, using the same tyre size, brand and tread pattern to avoid issues.


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