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The World's Best Tyres are now Available in Thirlmere

They say a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and it's a similar situation when it comes to doing business with someone you trust.

While the store has changed its name to JAX Tyres Tyres Thirlmere, the name behind the store is the same: Craig Beedle.

Craig started Beedle's Tyres from scratch seven years ago but when the opportunity arose last year to join the JAX Tyres Tyre group, he could see benefits all round.

"You can't argue with the buying power of a big company, especially when it comes to the major brands," Craig says.

"Being part of the group makes it easier for me to run my business, but it's also extremely good for my customers, because they have access to a huge selection of the best brands at the best possible prices. I can stock tyres for all types of budgets and pass on the savings that I get through the buying power of the group.

"It gives customers extra confidence, too, because they are dealing with one part of a big chain, so they can find the same level of back-up, even if they're traveling in areas they're not familiar with. They will see the name and know they can trust the service."

It's even better for residents of the Wollondillyshire because they have the best of both worlds.

"The guys and I have been around here long enough that we're like part of the furniture," Craig laughs.

"So our customers are dealing with local faces they know and trust and they have the benefits of the big city business such as good brands at good prices and the very best of equipment and service."

While Craig appreciates that each of his customers has a budget to stick to and will often shop around on price, he believes his team can go the extra mile.

"It's like ringing around for prices on a new TV. You still need to go into the store to compare the features. We sell every brand of tyre so we're not biased; we're not pushing one brand over another.

"Like anything in life, you get what you pay for so the cheapest deal is not necessarily the best deal. The real test comes when it's time to stop the car, because if the rubber compound is not a good mix, it can take longer to stop.

Craig Beedle & staff,  Thirlmere

"So people need to think about more than getting the best deal. Good tyres are about being safe. You might not think you can afford a certain type of tyre, but can you afford to run into someone?

"People should come in and talk to us so we can work with them to sort out the tyres that are best suited to their needs and their budget. They can still shop around but we guarantee to give them the best deal.

"We would also encourage them to join the JAX Tyres Gold Club Tyre Maintenance Plan because it gives them access to a wide range of benefits such as special servicing deals, tyre and wheel alignments discounts. Used properly, the plan not only means they can have confidence in the safety of their tyres, but they can save hundreds of dollars as well."

Craig says he and his team are committed to providing their customers with the highest quality product and service.

"All of us at JAX Tyres Thirlmere measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers. In other words, we not only guarantee all our work and the parts used, but we also guarantee 'no hassle' correction if you do have any problems."

JAX Tyres in Thirlmere is part the network of 72 stores, servicing customer needs from Cairns to Tasmania.

JAX Tyres stocks the world's leading tyre brands including Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, andPirelli.. It also carries a wide range of top-line alloy and steel wheels, as well as providing a variety of other mechanical services such as brakes and suspension.

February 2007