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V8 Supercar Championship at the Gold Coast with Cameron McConville

V8 Supercar driver,
Cameron McConville is supported by JAX Tyres Current Championship
Position: 18th Points : 1090 pts


Cameron McConville and WOW Racing endured a character building weekend on the Gold Coast. The Team got off to a strong start in Practice and early Qualifying but a series of little issues conspired to frustrate the Team's Queensland campaign. Cam brushed the Turn 5 wall in Qualifying and the Turn 2 wall in Race 2 plus an odd electrical problem stopped the car in Race 3.

Cameron McConville

"Looking back over the weekend the Qualifying error at Turn 5 really hurt. Once you lose track position things can go downhill too easily. The Race 3 problem was a shame but I'm really encouraged by the pace in the car though so I'm certain more great results are within our grasp."

Racing Summary

Practice - P17

The great form from Bathurst carried forward. The car was strong right out of the transporter.

Qualifying - P14

Cam and Team thought a Top Ten outcome was on. Unfortunately a small error at Turn 5 resulted in clipping a concrete barrier and damaging steering.

Race 1 - P14

The first race produced a vigorous battle with Mark Skaife and a solid start to the weekend.

Race 2 - P22

Another good start and this time a great battle with James Courtney and Will Davison. However, too much pace into the Turn 2 chicane sent the WOW Racing Commodore into the wall on the outside.

Race 3 - DNF

The car had excellent car pace but passing was impossible. Oddly an electrical problem shut the car down at Turn 8.

Event, Circuit Data

  • Track - Length/Direction & Turns: - 4.5 km. Anti Clockwise. 12
  • Qualifying record: - 1:48.6322, Garth Tander, '07. (Qualifying)
  • Lap record: - 1:49.8352, Garth Tander, '07. (Race 3)
  • Top speed: - 257 km/h. Approach to Turn 1.
  • Slowest corner: - Turn 12, 60 km/h.
  • Average lap speed: - 147.5 km/h. (11th fastest of 15 on the Series tour)
  • 100% throttle: - 55% of 110 second lap or 61 seconds
  • Longest straight: - Turn 12 to Turn 1, 780m. (Section at 100% throttle)
  • Tyre allocation: - 12 slicks (dry) & 12 wets. (Qualifying & 3 Races)
  • Laps & distance: - 27 laps 121.5 km x 3 races.
  • Fuel burn per race: - 93 litres. (71 kg)
  • Average fuel burn: - 3.2 litres. (2.4 kg)
  • Time loss for pit stop, lane transit & in/out: - 35 seconds.
  • November 2009 Update: Cameron McConville joins JAX Tyres to run the new store in Moorabbin

October 2008