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Tyre Examination & Repair

Inspect tyres regularly, paying attention to:

Objects embedded in the tread

Remove all stones and other objects embedded in the tyre tread before driving.

Tread wear

Ensure tyres have adequate tread depth. If your tyres are worn to the tread-wear indicators they must be replaced. Tyre wear indicators are positioned at equal distances around the tyre and may be located by the symbol TWI in the very upper part of the sidewall in the shoulder area where that meets the start of the tread pattern.

Sidewall condition

If there are bulges and cuts, have the tyre examined by JAX Tyres, as the damage may be more serious than it appears.

Note: Tyres showing wear on one side, or showing feathered edges to the tread pattern, are often indicative of mechanical maladjustment. The vehicle's steering, or suspension geometry may need to be checked, and the wheels aligned.

WARNING! All punctured or damaged tyres must be removed from the wheel for internal and external examination to ensure there is no hidden secondary damage which may later cause tyre failure. Puncture repairs must meet Australian standards.