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Run Flat Tyres

A number of leading car manufacturers equip their vehicles with Run Flat or Mobility Tyres, with BMW perhaps the largest user. This revolutionary tyre design allows the vehicle to continue moving despite a loss of tyre pressure and is able to function as a "get you home" solution. This avoids the inconvenience associated with changing the wheel unit at the roadside.

Run flat tyres offer the following benefits over conventional tyres:

  • Increased safety - in the event of sudden tyre deflation the vehicle remains controllable.
  • Less inconvenience & improved safety - no need to change the tyre & wheel assembly at the roadside, on busy highways, in possible dark and/or inclement weather conditions.
  • Offer Weight & Space saving - no spare wheel is necessary when run flat tyres are fitted hence a saving of boot space and a possible fuel saving improvement, assuming the comparison is made with a vehicle equipped with tyres having similar rolling resistance.

It is essential when using run flat tyres that they are operated in conjunction with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to ensure the driver is informed whenever there is any loss of tyre inflation pressure.

Tyres designed with this type of technology are manufactured by all leading brands, which are explained below:

Bridgestone RFT Run Flat Tyres Continental SSR Run Flat Tyres Dunlop DSST & ROF Run Flat Tyres Goodyear ROF & EMT Run Flat Tyres Pirelli Run Flat Tyres Michein Zero Pressure Run Flat Tyres