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Denyer Says 'Keep Track Of Tyre Pressures'

Part-time V8 Supercar driver and full-time weather presenter, Grant Denyer has urged drivers to check their tyres before heading off for the Easter holidays.

In his dual roles - with the Seven Network and with Dick Johnson Racing - Denyer is all too aware of the connection between road surfaces, weather conditions and correctly adjusted tyre pressures.

Denyer says it's not just about improved performance or fuel economy or tyre life, but safety too.

"Correct tyre pressures are one of the biggest areas of gain when you're talking about a V8 Supercar," Denyer says.

"You will find more time, in terms of performance, by getting the tyre pressures just right, than by spending $100,000 tweaking the engine.

"It's the same on the road. Getting the tyre pressures right means your car stops and corners better as well as traveling more comfortably. Running at the right pressure gives you better fuel economy and means your tyres last longer."

Denyer says his racing career has made him even more mindful of the role tyres play in safety, particularly if they are not inflated correctly.

"If the tyre pressures are wrong when I'm racing, I can literally roll the tyre off the rim when I hit the kerb and go into the wall, but incorrect tyre pressures can also have catastrophic results on the open road if something goes wrong.

"Nobody thinks about their tyre pressures but they are one of the most vital aspects of regular car maintenance when it comes to your family's safety."

To make it easier to keep an eye on tyre pressures, one of Denyer's major sponsors - JAX Tyres - now sells the Permagard 3RD EYE Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, a sophisticated sensing device that warns immediately of any tyre pressure problems, whether the car is moving or stationary.

Research by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that 10,000 injuries and deaths (on US roads) could be prevented each year by monitoring tyre pressure.

As a result of that research, tyre pressure monitoring systems such as the 3RD EYE have become mandatory in every new passenger vehicle sold in America, and it's anticipated Australia will eventually follow that lead.

The Permagard 3RD EYE TPMS costs $599 (GST included; fitting extra) for four tyres or $649 for five (GST included; fitting extra) - a wise move to ensure there are no nasty surprises when the spare is needed.

It is available at selected JAX Tyres Tyre centres. For your nearest outlet, please contact JAX Tyres on {$advertise_phone_number}.

April 2006