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Turanza ER300 Tops German Press Tests

Leading German motoring magazines have awarded Bridgestone tyres top ratings in the 2007 summer tyre tests. ADAC Motorwelt, Germany's biggest-selling auto magazine, rates the Bridgestone Turanza ER300 touring tyre in the top group of "very recommendable" brands out of the 16 big names tested. The B250 is one of only 3 "very recommendable" general-use tyres from 16 tested. In 2006, ADAC awarded class-leading grades to Bridgestone's ultra sport Potenza RE050A and Turanza ER300.

Very balanced Turanza ER300 ADAC's 2007 summer tyre tests evaluated dry and wet performance, noise, rolling resistance and wear for 205/55 R16V and 155/70 R13T sizes. The Turanza ER300 and B250 both came out very strongly on dry and wet handling, with low rolling resistance. "A very balanced tyre, with best notes on dry surfaces but also outstanding in wet conditions" is how ADAC described Turanza ER300 performances. The B250 was also rated very balanced, with strongest performance in the wet and very good results on dry surfaces.

Bridgestone is test winner in top consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest, the leading German consumer test magazine whose content is shared with several other European consumer publications, also evaluated the ADAC criteria and results. Their verdict puts the Turanza ER300 ahead of all rivals and declares it "test winner". In the 155/70 R13T size, Bridgestone's B250 is rated 3rd out of the 15 brands tested.

Convincing Turanza ER300: "a real all-rounder" Autozeitung, with a readership of more than 200,000 in Germany, was another to test the Turanza ER300. In comparative testing of the 225/55 R16W size on a Mercedes Eclass, it too placed Bridgestone's premium touring tyre in the elite top group with a "very recommendable" rating. "As last year's test winner on a VW Polo or on the Eclass this year, the Turanza tyre is convincing" says Auto Zeitung. "On wet and dry, the Bridgestone shows very good braking and very secure driving behaviour. A real allrounder."

Bridgestone Turanza ER300

October 2007