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Stop first with Continental

TÃœV SÃœD Automotive named Continental their winning tyre.

German technical inspectorate TÃœV SÃœD Automotive (similar to RTA) subjected tyres from leading manufacturers to a series of stringent tests.

The result: Continental tyres offer the best stopping performance.

Tyre size tested:

205/55 R16 H, ContiPremiumContact™ 2

ContiPremiumContact TM 2 outperformed Michelin Pilot Primacy, Pirelli P7, Bridgestone Turanza ER300, Goodyear Excellence and others in stopping on both wet and dry roads.

So that your car stops those crucial metres earlier

Driven by the principle of making mobility safer, more comfortable and sustainable, Continental has evolved into one of the leading suppliers to the automotive industry. Apart from electronic control systems - such as ABS and ESC and a variety of other safety features - tyres in particular play a pivotal role in a car's braking performance. This is especially true in the crucial final metres, as it is here that the tyre is subject to enormous demands: the entire vehicle's braking force is channelled onto the surface of the road through four contact areas, each the size of a postcard.

Braking safety without compromise: Continental tyres

Continental tyres set the standard, offering the demanding driver the ultimate in technological performance for safety without compromise. Even under the harshest weather conditions, Continental tyres guarantee optimum transmission of power, maximum steering stability and ideal contact between the vehicle and the road surface. This is possible through decades of experience, close partnerships with car manufacturers, state-of-the-art production systems and rapid development cycles. In recent years, time and again, Continental has unleashed new potential, resulting in significantly shorter stopping distances and further reductions in the risk of aquaplaning.

Stopping on wet roads

When stopping on wet roads one of the most crucial factors is the tyre compound. After years of diligent research, Continental now offers a third generation silica compound creating ideal contact and excellent grip on wet roads.

Stopping on dry roads

Apart from the compound, the tread pattern is another key factor in braking performance. Tread patterns used on Continental tyres have been specially designed to minimise tread deformation where the tyre touches the road. The result: optimum braking performance.

An even safer drive thanks to Continental.

Continental's very latest developments are engineered to make individual mobility absolutely safe. ESC II - a logical extension of today's ESC technology, ESC II opens up new avenues for safety, driving dynamics and stability by introducing active steering intervention and, as an option, active chassis control.


the electric-hydraulic combi brake combines hydraulic frontaxle wheel brakes with electrically operated rear axle brakes. EHC,for example, reduces residual torque at the rear brakes compared to conventional braking systems - as a result, fuel consumption andemissions are effectively reduced.

Intelligent Tyre System

Continental's Intelligent Tyre System marks a new generation of direct pressure monitoring systems. The sensor module that reads tyre pressure and temperature is mounted on the inner side of the tread. The information it provides can be used to the benefit of a variety of vehicle control functions.

May 2008