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Smithfield Store a TV Star

A landmark Smithfield store has become the 'star' of a national television commercial.

The JAX Tyres store on the corner of Long Street and Gipps Road was recently used as a location by director Paul Harmon and the Thinking Pictures production company to shoot three TV commercials for the new-look JAX Tyres Tyre chain.

Several staff from JAX Tyres Tyre stores around Sydney share "star billing" with a professional actor in the advertisements, which go to air as of mid-March. However, Erskine Park resident Glenn Pratt - who owns and runs the Smithfield store - decided stardom was not for him.

Glenn Pratt - owns and runs the Smithfield store

"I will happily stick to my day job. There's definitely no Mel Gibson inside me, but it was exciting to have my store chosen and watch it all happen," he laughs.

While the staff who had decided to get involved were busy learning their roles and waiting to do their part, Mr Pratt was busy behind the scenes, making sure the crew had all the props and assistance they needed, and keeping an eye out for anything that needed doing.

"There wasn't much I needed to do before the crew arrived. We do pride ourselves on running an immaculate workshop, but because it was our store on display, we all put in a bit of extra effort to ensure it was perfect.

Mr Pratt and his business partner, Shayne Derwin (who did take part in the commercial, and with whom Pratt also co-owns the Blacktown store), only recently took over the Smithfield store, which has been a JAX Tyres outlet for around 20 years.

Brought up in Guildford but a resident of Erskine Park for 15 years, Mr Pratt's background is as a refrigeration mechanic. He only came into the tyre business through his friendship and business partnership with Mr Derwin.

"It has been a steep learning curve, but Shayne has been a huge help, as have Peter and Graham, the staff who were already here, and the people from JAX Tyres, in terms of getting me up to speed.

"But the bottom line of any business is customer service and if that's a priority, then that's the way you build the business, whether you're in tyres or refrigeration.

"Good service is vital. Tyres can be a complicated subject so it's our job to be honest with the customers and to make the whole experience easy for them."

JAX Tyres was first opened by Jack 'JAX' Adolfsen in Sydney in 1949 while QuickFit Tyres opened its doors in Queensland in 1995, both Australian owned. The two companies merged last year and now have 72 stores along Australia's east coast.

With the merger, the new company aims to build on its combined reputation to be the most respected and professionally managed automotive services provider in Australia.

JAX Tyres Tyres specialises in tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, vans and all recreational vehicles, and especially ultra high performance tyres. It also offers wheels, brakes, and suspension and all associated undercar work.