Centara 3 Year Replacement Guarantee


Centara 3 Year Replacement Guarantee


Centara 3 Year Replacement Guarantee Policy

Total Tyres (TT) hereby warrants and certifies that all Centara tyres supplied to its customers are guaranteed against failure to complete their satisfactory tyre life (tread worn-out stage) as a result of any inherent deficiency relating to material or workmanship, leading the tyre to become unusable.


This guarantee applies until the earlier of:

  • The third anniversary of the date that you purchase the tyres from TT; or
  • The tyre being worn to its tread wear indicator (TWI) in any place.

Conditions; To make any eligible claim the customer must provide proof of purchase from TT. TT reserves the right to refuse to provide replacement or compensation under this guarantee where the customer cannot do so. For the avoidance of doubt, this guarantee applies in addition to any statutory warranties which cannot be excluded by law, including under the Australian Consumer Law.


What happens if your tyres do not perform in accordance with the guarantee?

  1. Please contact us on 1300 660 233 or your local Sales Manager
  2. TT will arrange for a representative to inspect your tyre(s)
  3. If the TT representative determines that a tyre has not met the Centara 3 Year Replacement Guarantee, TT will provide you with a credit on a replacement Centara tyre on a “pro-rata” basis. This means that TT will measure the remaining usable tread depth on the tyre as a percentage of its original usable tread and multiply that percentage by the original purchase price of the tyre

Are there any limitations?

The Centara 3 Year Replacement Guarantee do not cover, and TT will not be liable to you, where a Centara tyre becomes damaged due to misuse, including:

Insert Damage due to:

  • Rim irregularities or rim damage
  • Snow Chain
  • Vehicle mechanical problems, including brake problems, and vehicle wheel alignment
  • Extreme temperature exposure
  • Negligent and abusive driving such as tyre spinning or racing
  • Improper tyre storage
  • Automotive accident
  • Chemical corrosion or fire
  • Use contrary to the vehicles manufactures tyre recommendations
  • Improper stud size and or installation
  • Improper Mounting or Demounting Failure to observe safety and maintenance precautions

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) provides consumers with certain consumer guarantees and rights in relation to certain transactions concerning goods and/or services (see www. consumerlaw.gov.au). Any rights you may have under the ACL shall apply notwithstanding any inconsistent provisions under these guarantees which will be read down to the extent necessary to comply with the ACL and which shall otherwise apply to the fullest extent legally permissible.

TT’s liability to you under these guarantees is limited in all cases to the repair or replacement of the relevant tyre, or the costs of repairing or replacing the tyre, and will not exceed TT’s recommended retail price for the tyre. TT will not be liable for any additional duty, taxes or other expenses incurred by you including loss of time, loss of profit, loss or revenue, loss of goodwill, vehicle downtime or any incidental expenses: fuel, travel, loading & transportation, telephone costs, mounting, demounting, balancing, rotation, and vehicle alignment.


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