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Local Businessman 'On Track' With New Business

Toowoomba's Tony Byrne is fast-tracking in a new direction as the owner of the newest branch of the JAX Tyres Tyre chain.

The JAX name has been in Toowoomba for 30 years - three years on the current site on James Street - but the entire operation has a new look since the merger of well-known Queensland brand, Quickfit Tyres and the highly regarded JAX Tyres group.

Tony took over the business just over a year ago. Toowoomba's JAX Tyres Tyres is one of the first to unveil its 'true colours' in the wake of the merger which has created a chain of 72 sites along the east coast of Australia.

Previously involved in various business interests, including a childcare centre with his wife, Katrene, Tony is quickly learning his new trade and loving it. He is backed up by the highly experienced team of Tony O'Toole, Brett Danskin and Roy Pearce who, between them have many years in the automotive and tyre industry.

"I don't think you have to be a 'tyre man' as such - the guys working with me really know their stuff, and because I've lived and worked in the area for 20 years, I believe people know me and trust me," Tony says.

Jeff Bowdler agrees. As regional manager (northern region) for JAX Tyres Tyres, he has seen first-hand the change in the store's performance since Tony took over.

"He has done an exceptional job in the last year - the sales have doubled - and I think there is no doubt that Tony's outgoing personality and dedication to great service is behind that result.

"The Toowoomba site is a very strategic location for the company because it has such a huge 'catchment' area," says Jeff, who was one of the founders of the QuickFit Tyre chain and has helped oversee the merger over the last year.

"Having someone like Tony involved, a well-known local who brings loyalty with him, is always great for the business."

Born in the 'Heritage City' of Ipswich, Tony has lived in Toowoomba for 20 years, choosing his new home because he likes the feel of the city, the people and the climate. His wife, Katrene, was born and raised on a property in western Queensland and she too is happy to call Toowoomba home.

JAX Tyres Tyres stocks the world's leading tyre brands including Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli.

It also carries a wide range of top-line alloy and steel wheels, as well as providing a variety of other mechanical services such as brakes and suspension.

April 2006