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MICHELIN Energy XM1+ Rolls into the Record Books

Driving a new Peugeot 308 HDi equipped with MICHELIN Energy XM1+ tyres, fuel saving champions John and Helen Taylor have smashed two Guinness World Records - the Round Australia Diesel Economy Record and the Round Australia World Fuel Economy Record¹.

The 27 day, 14,580 kilometre drive around Australia was further challenged by unfavourable driving conditions. The couple survived wild weather across the country, including torrential rain, tropical storms in Queensland and cyclones in Western Australia.

The drive brings to light the potential of technology to deliver environmentally sustainable motoring solutions. Oliver Biggart, Michelin Australia's Communication Manager said, "John and Helen Taylor averaged a phenomenal 1919 kilometres per 60 litre tank of diesel. The adventure was remarkable evidence of the fuel saving capabilities of both the vehicle and the MICHELIN Energy XM1+ tyre".

The new Michelin Energy XM1+ tyres were selected by the couple as they offer a lower rolling resistance through the use of innovative technology which actually reduces fuel consumption, without sacrificing performance. Helen was clearly impressed with the tyres, especially given the terrible weather conditions.  "We know that the 308 has fantastic handling, but it was also comforting to feel safe on the road with the excellent traction that the Michelin's provided in very wet and windy conditions without sacrificing on fuel economy at any stage." 

The motoring achievement produced many other remarkable statistics, including;

  • A final fuel consumption figure of 3.11 litres per 100 kilometres, this equates to 90.75mpg. The previous record was 3.49 litres per 100 kilometres.
  • 90.3 grams of CO2 were produced per kilometre. According to the Department of Climate Change and the Bureau of Statistics, the national average is 285 grams of CO2 per kilometres.
  • A total of 453.94 litres of diesel were used at a total cost of $703.93.
  • The best tank of diesel achieved 1988 kilometres from 58.98 litres.

The record breaking adventure was completed under strict, independent test conditions. Detective Inspector Phillip Swindells, from the Victorian Police Force, was recruited as the Chief Scruntineer to ensure that the adventurers met the Guinness World Records regulations.

The record attempt adds further evidence to the ever increasing environmental achievements of the MICHELIN Energy range. For example, every second 43.9 litres of fuel is saved and 109.14 kilograms of CO2 are not released into the atmosphere, as a result of the use of Michelin's low rolling resistance tyres.

Oliver Biggart explains, Since 1992, we have been motivated by research that suggests that 20% of a vehicle's fuel consumption is a direct result of the tyres rolling resistance and have been dedicated to perfecting the Energy tyre range".

In 15 years, compared with all other types of tyre, the 570 million Michelin green energy saving tyres sold worldwide have reduced fuel consumption by an estimated 9 billion litres.

This has resulted in the reduction of CO2 emissions by 22 million metric tons, the equivalent of the amount absorbed by 880 million trees in one year.

By enhancing energy efficiency, without sacrificing outstanding performance and providing a 25% mileage improvement², Michelin has achieved world records and in the process set a benchmark for the tyre industry. For more information please visit or call 131310.

An economic consideration:

If all passenger cars in the world were fitted with Michelin Energy XM1+ tyres, each year

  • 10 billion litres of fuel would be saved

  • 60 million barrels of oil would be saved (nearly one day of total worldwide oil demand passenger car CO2 emissions would be reduced  by 24 million tonne

  • Total consumer purchasing power would increase by more than $10 billion

February 2008