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Bridgestone's new Potenza Adrenalin

Australian performance enthusiasts can now get an entirely new rush with the launch of the Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE001.

The Potenza Adrenalin RE001 range enters the hotly-contested 'street sport' market segment, replacing the company's current GIII and SO3 line up squarely targeting competitor brands such as Yokohama and Toyo.
In what is the company's most important new product launch in recent years, Bridgestone Australia Ltd. is aggressively pitching Adrenalin at the 18-25 demographic with a dynamic marketing campaign that includes heavy involvement in the fast-growing Australian Drift Championship and the burgeoning Auto Salon national car shows.

"We are very excited about the Potenza Adrenalin RE001 and its potential in the Australian marketplace," said Mr Mac Ohashi, Chairman and CEO of Bridgestone Australia Ltd.  "It is a fantastic product that will out-perform its rivals on the road and will have its own, distinct brand identity in the market."

"In fact, we are so confident about this product that we are targeting sales growth from current GIII and SO3 levels of more than 300% by 2010."

THE TYRE:The Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE001 promises total control for any driver, in any car, at any speed, through any corner - making everyone a control freak. And, according to Burkhard Kabelitz, National Technical Field Service & Product Planning Manager for Bridgestone Australia Ltd, the product more than lives up to its promise.

"Conventional sports tyres are designed for sports cars and only deliver their true performance when driven at the limit," he said. "The Potenza Adrenalin RE001 was designed to give more drivers the ability to get true sports
performance from their tyres. This tyre is all about precision handling that connects the driver directly to the road."
Developed in Japan, the asymmetrical rigid tread design of the Potenza Adrenalin RE001 includes a number of key technical advancements including:

1. Inside Offset Twin Rib which delivers sharp, smooth response and stability with superior traction and braking characteristics
2. New 3D Centre Block which reinforces the response and stability characteristics
3. Multi-curved Slant Groove for superior wet weather performance
4. Semi-slick Shoulder Design for maximum cornering grip

The Adrenalin also delivers a bigger contact footprint on the road than the GIII or SO3 while its dynamic sidewall and tread design ensures it makes a bold visual statement on any car.

"The performance of the tyre really has to be felt from behind the wheel to be believed. It's a tyre that has been tested around the world and we have had a lot of feedback from drivers who were amazed that they could feel the benefits of the Adrenalin when directly compared with the GIII and SO3" said Burkhard.

"Perhaps just as importantly given the market for this tyre, it also looks fantastic. It looks fast even when it's sitting still."

The Adrenalin range will suit a vast array of cars on Australian roads. These include anything from
smaller cars such as Corolla, Lancer and WRX through to Falcons, Commodores and other large sedans.
Some sizes in the Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE001 range will be manufactured at Bridgestone's Salisbury facility in South Australia with the balance of the product being produced in Japan.

While the Potenza Adrenalin RE001 will appeal to Bridgestone's traditional buyer base, the product is designed to have even greater impact in the 18-25 youth demographic. And that fact has Bridgestone's marketing teams very excited indeed.
"This is a young and demanding demographic who demand credibility and instant results from the products they buy," said Stanley Toh, National Marketing Manager for Bridgestone Australia Ltd.

"The Adrenalin product will enable us to target this high-value sector of the marketplace on a scale we have previously been unable to do. We now have a superior product and a strong brand that will allow us to explore some fantastic new marketing avenues."

Key to the Adrenalin push is sponsorship in the 2007 Australian Drift Championship. A striking Adrenalin-branded Nissan S-15 is currently competing in the championship, which is backed by CAMS and is held at racetracks around the country and is the fastest growing sport in Australia.
Adrenalin will also have a high profile at the Auto Salon event series, which is the largest young adult-attended event series in the Southern Hemisphere. The current annual attendance rate over nine events is more than 250,000 (Roy Morgan) and increasing.

In addition, Adrenalin branding will be seen on Industrie clothing, the largest selling urban fashion
label in Australia.

"The demographic we are targeting with Adrenalin is largely made up of affluent early-adopters with high discretionary spending power and a mindset to spend," Mr Toh said.
"We have done a lot of work into defining which segments of the market will respond to the image of Adrenalin and which will see performance as the main driving force in their buying decision. We believe the product has enormous appeal to everyone in the spectrum; from hardcore enthusiasts through to followers."

The Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin is being launched by Bridgestone in the European, African,Asian and Middle East markets.

May 2007