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MICHELIN Energy XM1+ lasts 25% longer

Michelin's development of the Energy tyre range in 1992 with its reduced tyre rolling resistance is a major demonstration of the company's commitment to the environment.

With proven facts confirming 20% of a vehicle's fuel consumption is a direct impact from tyre rolling resistance, this issue lies at the heart of the current global environmental concerns.

While it is physically impossible to completely avoid the energy loss, the amount of energy consumed during this impact and recovery may be reduced by minimizing the distortion of the rubber. To achieve this Michelin introduced the Energy Green X silica compound into the tread mix. The success of this brand launch has positioned Michelin as the uncontested champion of low rolling resistance tyres.

The latest evolution in this range is the Michelin Energy XM1+. With the launch of this new product in September 2007, Michelin has been able to provide a tyre offering low rolling resistance with reduced fuel consumption. Coupled with this, the added benefit the Michelin Energy XM1+ is manufactured to have a 25% mileage improvement from its predecessor (Energy XM1).

While placing a high priority on the 'green' technology, the Energy XM1+ range has not sacrificed on performance. This 3rd generation Energy Green X compound enhances wet traction, so combining this compound with the XM1+ tread pattern means the tyre also delivers on safety and control.

Smooth handling and increased mileage are also delivered by the second generation of Stress Equilibrium Construction (SECII) technology. This helps to control deflection of the tyre casing, ensuring stresses are distributed evenly and widely throughout the tyre reducing noise and harshness.

Also unique to Michelin, BAZ technology reinforces the two full-width steel belts that strengthen the Energy range. BAZ is a special Nylon wrapping that reinforces the belts and controls the shape of the tyre providing more predictable handling.

By enhancing energy efficiency, without sacrificing outstanding performance and providing a 25% mileage improvement, Michelin has once again set a benchmark for the tyre industry.

For fifteen years Michelin's commitment to the Energy tyre range has and will continue to deliver lower rolling resistance and lower consumption of fossil fuels. By investing with these priorities and in these products, Michelin is investing in the future.

An economic consideration:

If all passenger cars in the world were fitted with Michelin Energy XM1+ tyres, each year

  • 10 billion litres of fuel would be saved
  • 60 million barrels of oil would be saved (nearly one day of total worldwide oil demand passenger car CO2 emissions would be reduced by 24 million tonnes
  • Total consumer purchasing power would increase by more than $10 billion

Saves fuel

MICHELIN Energy XM1+ helps to save money throughout the life of the tyres thanks to Michelin's leadership on energy saving technologies.

Saves the environment

Tyre rolling resistance accounts for 20% of a vehicle's fuel consumption. Lowering it is a major environmental and economic challenge.

Why? Because this decreases energy consumption, and therefore carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

This is why Michelin has been working for 15 years on reducing the rolling resistance of its tyres through our innovation of introducing SILICA to the tyre industry.

Typical Vehicle Fitments (indication purposes only)

  • Alfa Romeo - 147, 156
  • Audi - A3, A4
  • BMW - 3 Series
  • Citroen - C3, C4
  • Ford - Focus, Falcon XT, Futura
  • Holden - Barina, Astra, Vectra, Commodore
  • Honda - Jazz, Civic, Accord
  • Hyundai - Getz, Accent, Elantra, Sonata
  • Mazda - Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Mazda 6
  • Mercedes Benz - A Class, C Class
  • Mitsubishi - Colt, Lancer, Magna, 380
  • Nissan - Pulsar, Tiida
  • Peugeot - 206, 307, 407
  • Rover - 75
  • Saab 9-3, 9-5
  • Subaru - Impreza, Liberty
  • Toyota - Yaris, Corolla, Camry
  • Volkswagen - Polo, New Beetle, Golf, Jetta

MICHELIN Energy XM1+ lasts 25% longer than its predecessor MICHELIN Energy XM1.1

Improved Mileage, with no compromise on safety

The advanced tread compound significantly improves the longevity of the tyre whilst the 100% FULL SILICA compound maintains the balance of performance, in particular safety and fuel savings.

185/80 R14 XL - ENERGY XM1+, 95T - OCT
185/70 R14 - ENERGY XM1+, 88H - NOV
195/70 R14 - ENERGY XM1+, 91H - NOW
175/65 R14 - ENERGY XM1+, 82H - NOW
185/65 R14 - ENERGY XM1+, 86H - NOV
185/60 R14 - ENERGY XM1+, 82H - NOW
195/60 R14 - ENERGY XM1+, 86H - NOW

185/65 R15 - ENERGY XM1+, 88H - NOW
195/65 R15 - ENERGY XM1+, 91H - NOW
P205/65 R15 - ENERGY XM1+, 95H - NOW
185/60 R15 - ENERGY XM1+, 84H - DEC
195/60 R15 - ENERGY XM1+, 88H - NOW
205/60 R15 - ENERGY XM1+, 91H - DEC

215/60 R16 - ENERGY XM1+, 95H - NOW

October 2007