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Michelin Easter Safety Check

Michelin driver awareness campaign highlights the importance of correct tyre pressure

Last Saturday, 31 March, Michelin furthered its commitment to 'making road travel safer' by organising its first Australian "Easter Safety Check" event, which was held in Narre Warren, Victoria.

Results from the exercise show that half of the tyres checked on the day were incorrectly inflated, thus underscoring the importance of regular tyre pressure checks.

The Michelin Group wants to raise driver awareness that correctly-adjusted tyre pressure is a vital safety measure, and to do this, Michelin tyres specialists checked and adjusted tyre pressure, free of charge, and offered practical advice to participating motorists.

"The aim of these operations is to help motorists understand that making a habit of checking tyre pressure can save lives" says Steven Vette, Managing Director, Michelin Australia.

Every year since 1985, in an ever-growing number of countries and towns, Michelin technicians posted on motorway service areas or near main roads have been checking the pressure and condition of the tyres fitted on vehicles on the road and giving motorists the benefit of their considerable expertise.

From its very beginnings, Michelin has been concerned for motorists' safety and aware of the key role played by tyres.

For Michelin, safety takes on a variety of forms. It is achieved through quality products and services which are even safer and more efficient than ever before, both in their design and their usage throughout the product life-cycle, constant innovations offering users ever greater safety and awareness campaigns that bring home the importance of tyres to the wider public.

The extension and development of these operations is central to the Michelin Group's commitment to stronger road safety policies.

How the "Tyre Safety Check" operation works

The operation is very simple for motorists and takes only two to three minutes. Equipped with pressure gauges, the Michelin teams check the vehicle's tyres and adjust the pressure to suit the type, size and position of each tyre. If they detect a problem with a tyre, the Michelin technicians will inform the driver and urge him or her to have it repaired as soon as possible. Motorists drive off with a greater awareness of the importance of checking tyre pressure, to ensure total driving safety with "the right pressure".

In the majority of European countries today, the "Fill up with air" operation is the only source of information on the level of tyre under-inflation. The statistics obtained are therefore a valuable aid when it comes to informing and alerting both the public and the authorities.

"The right pressure": a key factor for safety, tyre mileage performance and fuel savings

To continue driving in complete safety over extended periods, motorists need to regularly monitor tyre inflation pressure, as it decreases with time. Tyre pressures should be checked at least once a month, and especially before driving any distance at high speed, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

This should be done when the tyres are "cold" (when the vehicle has been stopped for at least an hour, or after only two or three kilometres of very slow driving).

Tyre pressure has a direct impact on the way tyres and vehicles perform, and contribute to road safety. An under-inflated tyre:

  • Reduces road-holding capabilities
  • Increases braking distances on wet surfaces
  • Presents a high risk of bursting
  • Decreases tyre wear life
  • Increases fuel consumption (because greater rolling resistance increases the vehicle's energy requirements)

April 2007