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Keeping Safe is Simple

Whether it is at Christmas, a birthday or any other time of the year, most people would put a safe and happy family as number one choice on their wishlist.

And no matter if it is for a special occasion or every day of the year, one of the best ways to keep the family safe is to make the family car as safe as possible - and a system that 'keeps an eye' on tyre pressures is a good start.

We all know we should check our tyre pressures regularly to ensure optimum safety, braking, handling and fuel economy, but it is one of those chores that can easily slip under the radar ... unless there is a Permagard 3RD EYE Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) fitted to the car.

The Permagard 3RD EYE TPMS is a sophisticated sensing device that warns of any tyre pressure problems, whether the car is moving or stationary.

It's an immediate and constant warning system - all tyre and car manufacturers recommend that Tyre pressures should be read and adjusted when the tyres are cold, but even a short drive to the service station is enough to heat the tyres and skew the reading

With the Permagard 3RD EYE TPMS, you always know what's happening under your car, courtesy of special valves that are fitted inside the tyres and transmit to a wireless receiver in the cabin. The whole system takes around 30-45 minutes to fit, and each individual sensor has its own long-life battery, which lasts for five years.

Research by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that 10,000 injuries and deaths (on US roads) could be prevented each year by monitoring tyre pressure.

As a result of that research,Tyre pressure monitoring systems such as the 3RD EYE have become mandatory in every new passenger vehicle sold in America, and it's anticipated Australia will eventually follow that lead.

The Permagard 3RD EYE TPMS costs $599 (GST included; fitting extra) for four tyres or $649 (GST included; fitting extra) for five - a wise move to ensure there are no nasty surprises when the spare is needed.

It is available at selected JAX Tyres tyre centres. For your nearest outlet, please contact JAX Tyres on :

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January 2006