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JAX Tyres Opens In Windsor & Mona Vale

What started as a casual job has turned into a very busy business for one Sydney resident.

Allan Metcalfe is the owner of JAX Tyres Tyres at Mona Vale on Sydney's northern beaches, one of 72 JAX Tyres Tyre stores servicing customer needs from Cairns to Tasmania.

While he loves the industry and the people he works with, it wasn't the way Allan imagined his life would be - but he has plenty of reasons to be glad it happened.

Allan started his working life as dairy farmer in New Zealand before moving to the UK, where he planned to stay for quite some time, if not forever. That is, of course, until he came to Australia for his brother's wedding in 1980.

"I needed some casual work while I was here and as he was working for what was then called JAX Tyres, it seemed logical to end up there too.

"I started with the basics - wheel alignments and fitting - and gradually learned more and more about the business. Six months later I started playing rugby and six months after that I met the lady who became my wife so I never went back to the UK."

From working as a vehicle painter for one of Rolls Royce's preferred crash repairers in England, Allan began moving through the ranks of the tyre company.

"In 1982 I moved into my first managerial job at JAX Tyres in Leichhardt, which was the original JAX store. Eleven years later, when the company introduced franchises, I decided to try working for myself."

Allan bought the Thornleigh store in 1993 and owned it for 10 years, only selling it after he bought the Mona Vale store in 1999.

He also owns a store at Windsor and divides his time between the two, driving from the Castle Hill home where he lives with wife Catherine and their two university student children.

"It's great being my own boss but having the back-up of the company behind me as well.

"I know the guys in charge because I have been involved with the company for so long and it's a thoroughly professional organization.

"There's also the benefit of having the buying power of a big group. That means I can sell the right products at the right price, which is what keeps the business ticking - that, and customer service.

April 2007

Allan Metcalfe is the owner of JAX Tyres at Mona Vale

"It doesn't matter whether you're a dairy farmer or painting Rollers or running a tyre store, the bottom line is customer service. Without happy customers, you simply don't have a business."

"Through JAX Tyres we have access to the worlds' best brands of wheels and tyres and group buying power means our customers get the very best deals, no matter what their budget.

"We also encourage our customers to join the Gold Club Tyre Maintenance Plan because it gives them access to a wide range of benefits such as special servicing deals, discounts and free wheel alignments. Used properly, the plan not only means they can have confidence in the safety of their Tyres, but they can save hundreds of dollars as well."

With two stores and plenty of hours on the road between, there's not a huge amount of spare time. A lot of it is spent coaching rugby, the rest in playing golf or doing things with his wife and family.

JAX Tyres stocks the world's leading tyre brands including Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli. It also carries a wide range of top-line alloy and steel wheels, as well as providing a variety of other mechanical services such as brakes and suspension.