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Goodyear Wrangler HP All Weather range upgrade

The Goodyear Wrangler HP All Weather range has been upgraded and now benefits from 2 completely new sizes and 6 replacement sizes, all featuring the exclusive and innovative SilentArmor Technology™, making it ideal for the majority of 4x4 applications

Key Technologies

SilentBlock Design

An angled centreline block provides more progressive road contact and helps to minimise noise for a quiet, comfortable ride, even as the tread wears over time.

SmartTRED Design

Adapts to road conditions for enhanced traction and stability by using 2 defined tread zones. The soft tread centre carries the load on low grip roads for superior grip and stability, with performance heightened particularly in wet and wintery conditions, whilst on high speed, high friction surfaces, the load is transferred to the solid shoulder blocks for precise handling and stable road contact.

Introducing SilentArmor to 8 new sizes

Features a layer of Du Pont™ KEVLAR® to help absorb road noise for a quiet ride and helps provide strength for extreme toughness, especially in off-road conditions.

Product Code 


Service Description Features Silent Armor


4082995 205/70R15 96H Yes Replace 4080058
4083006 225/70R15 100H Yes New size
4083014 235/70R15 103H Yes New size
4083022 215/70R16 100H Yes Replace 4080066
4083030 235/70R16 106H Yes Replace 4039447
4083048 245/70R16 107H Yes Replace 4039455
4083056 265/70R16 112H Yes Replace 4039463
4083098 235/65R17 104V Yes Replace 4081834

December 2007