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Goodyear rolling with the 4WD times

Research show that Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) drivers spend only 40 per cent of their time off-road, and as one in five cars sold in the last 12 months was an SUV, it's no wonder that there has been a consumer demand to luxury, quiet and comfortable tyres.

Goodyear's seen this demand and reacted by launching eight new sizes of its Wrangler High Performance All Weather tyre containing SilentArmor Technology, which is the latest in tread design, providing outstanding on-road performance that results in excellent ride comfort and quietness.

Michelle Upton, Goodyear brand manager said that she expects ride comfort and tyre quietness to become even more important for SUV and light-truck consumers in the coming years.
"The luxury segment of the SUV market, in particular, is especially strong and figures predict continued expansion," said Ms Upton.  

"Obviously, motorists today want refined ruggedness, utility, safety and luxury rolled into one. With Goodyear Wrangler HP AW, they have all that plus more," she said.
Consumer Guide Automotive (2007) showed that SUV and light truck owners, in selecting vehicles, want the utility of a truck or mini-van, but with the quiet comfort of a luxury passenger car.
About 60 percent of their drive time is spent during the weekdays, around the city or on the highway. The rest of the time is spent off-road, usually for recreational purposes, like camping or driving on the weekends.

With such information about the discriminating SUV driver in mind, Goodyear introduced the newest addition to its renowned Wrangler line - the Wrangler High-Performance All-Weather (HP AW) tyre.
Formulated with the latest breakthrough technology, Goodyear Wrangler HP AW, with 28 sizes ranging from 15 to 21 inch, is strong enough to take on any road condition, without compromising the quiet ride comfort of a passenger car.

Wrangler High Performance All Weather tyre
Consumer demand for luxury, quiet and comfortable 4WD tyres

November 2007