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Goodyear Warns on 4WD Tyres (17/11/05)

Goodyear has expressed concern that some 4WD owners could be choosing the wrong tyres for their vehicle, and putting themselves and their families in danger. Goodyear's concerns relate to replacement tyres, not original equipment tyres. Goodyear experts say 4WD owners need to ask themselves where they will be taking their vehicle and how often, in order to choose the most appropriate tyre for safety and handling in all conditions.

Critical safety issues arise when heavy duty off-road tyres are fitted to 4WDs that rarely go off-road. While all-terrain or mud-terrain tyres are the better option for heavily laden 4WD vehicles and those that spend most of their time off-road, that type of tyre is not necessary for most city-based drivers. The concern is that there can be significant increases in stopping distances in wet weather when mud tyres are fitted.

They work well in slow, heavy, off-road wet conditions but can take longer to 'grab' on wet bitumen with potentially devastating results. Goodyear says when it comes time to replace the original equipment tyres, owners need to be realistic about the type of use their vehicle gets - how often they go off road, how tough the conditions are and how much weight the vehicle will be carrying.

It is more an issue with replacement tyres because original equipment tyres on a new vehicle are designed to work with that vehicle's handling dynamics and cover a vast range of performance requirements. Goodyear says consumers need to be aware of the importance of choosing tyres wisely for their 4WD and the way it will be used. For more advice on the right tyre for your 4WD, talk to your nearest JAX Tyres Tyre dealer.

November 2005