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Goodyear's Passion for Quality: Tyre Talk

There is more involved than one might think to be appointed as one of Goodyear's raw material suppliers. Yet it is a necessary process for suppliers if Goodyear is to maintain its reputation for quality products.

Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA), part of Goodyear's global quality organisation, works with a cross-functional team to approve the use of new raw material and reinforcement suppliers to Goodyear.

The official approval process begins when either a global or regional purchasing associate selects a new supplier candidate for approval to supply an existing product. A request is entered into Goodyear's Material Information System and then the screening and follow-up process begins by the development team in Shanghai, China.

SQA's input into the list of requirements includes:

  • Agreement to meet all quality requirements listed in Goodyear's Supplier Quality Manual;
  • Providing current ISO 9001 or TS16949 certificate from an approved registrar, certifying the supplier's quality management system meets all requirements of its respective ISO standard;
  • Agreement to use the global supplier information system (SIS) to enter shipment and test data for all shipments to Goodyear; and
  • Agreement to accept responsibility for costs incurred if issues are caused by their products.

Only those suppliers meeting all the requirements of the cross-functional approval process have their materials added to the Goodyear Source of Supply and SIS. Once on the list, however, suppliers are not allowed to relax on Goodyear's standards. Some suppliers, in fact, may find it as difficult to remain on the list as to get on it.

Today, 99.5 per cent of shipments to Goodyear are problem-free. Goodyear's objective is to have suppliers deliver products that are 100 percent problem-free.

Mar 2009