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Goodyear go where others fear to tread

Goodyear's 4WD range has progressively expanded and evolved to the point that third parties are rushing to use the product for a variety of applications and events.

With the roll out of Goodyear's Silent Armor technology across an increasing number of 4WD products, the Wrangler range has further enhanced its reputation in the 4x4 market.

The technology was originally released to the market after a rigorous testing program was complete, incorporating enough kilometres to drive to the moon and back seven times. Unlike the popular off-road tyre Wrangler MT/R, The Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor is for both on-and-off road driving and is designed to complement 4WD vehicles by providing rugged toughness, while delivering a smooth and quiet ride.

Artist/photographer Richard McKenna recently set off on his latest Earth Trek Photographic Expedition, hitting the Northern Territory in a Toyota Hilux fitted with Goodyear Silent Armor tyres.

Richard's travelled through a variety of locations in the Northern Territory to document desert reptiles, landscape and a selection of Indigenous Tours.

"The Goodyear Silent Armor tyres performed exceptionally well on the Northern Territory section of Earth Trek 08," explained Richard.

"The Toyota Hilux engaged some very aggressive, corrugated roads especially around Finke river and Chambers Pillar. Corrugations were deep and constructed of heavy shale in some areas. The terrain was varied on the trek consisting off sand, rock and shale. No major chipping or wear was noticeable over the 5000km."

"Overall, I was very happy with the performance and resilience of these tyres for all terrain travel."

Recent high profile events have also further strengthened the case for Goodyear's dedicated off-road tyre, the Wrangler MT/R. Both Off Road Rush and Hunter Racing utilise the MT/Rs to maximum effect in the National Off Road Championship.

Overlander Magazine backed up Richard's assessment of the Silent Armors in their May edition having fit the tyres to their Jeep Rubicon:

"The factory fitted 32 inch Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor tyres have proved their worth exceeding expectations of an all terrain tyre. Early on in our time with the Wrangler we had fitted a set of Goodyear Wrangler MT/R tyres and they were excellent."

July 2008