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Goodyear: Silent Armor Fearless on Earth Trek 2008

Following Earth Trek's 2007 trek to the Kimberley/Pilbara region, artist/photographer Richard McKenna set off on his latest Earth Trek Photographic Expedition, this time hitting the Northern Territory in a Toyota Hilux fitted with Goodyear Silent Armor tyres.

Wild Capture, Richard's new photography project travelled through a variety of locations in the Northern Territory to document desert reptiles, landscape and a selection of Indigenous Tours. An 07 Toyota Hilux was used especially rigged and fitted out with ARB accessories and Goodyear Silent Armors.

"The Goodyear Silent Armor tyres performed exceptionally well on the Northern Territory section of Earth Trek 08," explained Richard.

"The Toyota Hilux engaged some very aggressive, corrugated roads especially around Finke river and Chambers Pillar. Corrugations were deep and constructed of heavy shale in some areas."

"Tyre pressure was reduced to 32 PSI all round to get greater flex from the high quality rubber compound of the Silent Armor. Speeds varied from 70-80km per hour and tyres were inspected regularly for chipping and pressure leaks. The terrain was varied on the trek consisting off sand, rock and shale. No major chipping or wear was noticeable over the 5000km."

"Overall, I was very happy with the performance and resilience of these tyres for all terrain travel."

Richard McKenna is one of Australia's most progressive natural history photographers. His photographic explorations of extreme wilderness regions has resulted in a collection of some of the finest examples of natural history imagery.

June 2008