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'EARTH TREK' relies on Goodyear

In 2008, Earth Trek artist and photographer Richard McKenna travelled through some of Australia's most extreme wilderness regions including the Gibson Desert, Ormiston Gorge, Finke Gorge, Lake Frome and Arkaroola.

To get to some of the countries toughest 4WD locations, McKenna drives a 2007 Toyota Hilux specially rigged and fitted out with ARB accessories and Goodyear's Silent Armor or Wrangler MTR tyres, depending on the situation. When making his way from Uluru, NT, to Arkaroola, SA, last year he encountered some of the most challenging conditions of his career.

"The thermometer reached 39 degrees and we were looking forward to the shaded areas at Arkaroola station," McKenna said.

"We decided on the Goodyear MTR's for the more extreme salt lake and Arkaroola stage of the trek as we knew at this time of year deep low pressure systems can dump heavy rain."

"As expected, we were in the area a day after they experienced high rainfall and flash flooding. The water was beginning to dry out from the extreme heat but mud and many washouts were still present."

"The MTRs though performed exceptionally well eating up the mud. There was plenty of it as well, along with rocky tracks to traverse, but they handled these extreme conditions without fuss."

"No punctures were experienced throughout the whole trip!"

"For my major 2009 Trek I am really looking forward to getting some of the new improved soon-to-be-released Wrangler MTR Kevlars on my Hilux and tackle some even harsher environments."

McKenna (Wild Capture) is one of Australia's most progressive natural history photographers. His explorations of extreme wilderness regions have resulted in a collection of some of the finest examples of natural history imagery.

Feb 2009