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Goodyear and Dunlop streets ahead in UHP sector

Goodyear and Dunlop are leading the way with their revolutionary Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 and Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres, offering a technological breakthrough in the ever-growing ultra-high performance tyre sector. With 43 sizes being added to the SP Sport Maxx range and 33 sizes to the Eagle F1 GS-D3 portfolio, the company are signalling their intentions for domination in this sector with particular focus on the 16", 17" and 18" market and above. Designed for luxury sports vehicles and available for tuned cars, the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx was launched as Dunlop's flagship tyre strengthening their position in the luxury sport performance sector. The MRT technology applied to the Sport Maxx is the same technology that has proved its worth in national and international motorsport championships throughout the world, including Australia's V8 Championship Series in which Dunlop is the exclusive tyre supplier.

Since its launch, the Eagle F1 GS-D3 has broken new ground in the ultra-high-performance tyre sector and is now well established as the definitive performance tyre for discerning drivers. The extensive know how that Goodyear continuously develops through its activities around the globe is incorporated in this flagship product as a result of the company's extensive car tyre program. The Eagle F1 GS-D3 ultra-high performance tyre features the advanced OneTRED design technology, which was applied commercially for the first time.

"The Eagle F1 GS-D3 and SP Sport Maxx have revolutionised the ultra high-performance tyre sector, propelling the tyres to iconic status around the world," explains Craig Scher, Goodyear, Dunlop & Motorsport Brand Manager. We are delighted with the long line of accoldades these flagship tyres have received from a series of successes in independent tyre tests across the globe including Auto Express and Evo magazine in the UK, Auto Zeitung, Sport Auto and Auto Bild in Germany and Wheels Magazine in Australia. "As can be seen in the last couple of Traction Product Updates, our UHP range extensions are now coming through in full force with 43 sizes being added to the SP Sport Maxx range and 33 to our Eagle F1 GS-D3 range. This will take Sport Maxx up to 61 sizes and Eagle F1 up to 60 sizes. As we drive through these range extensions we are actively pursuing domination in this growth market segment with UHP being the growth and profit section of the future."

December 2006