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Goodyear and Dunlop : Tyre Talk

Over the last month our Goodyear and Dunlop product has received some fantastic third party endorsement through a range of media, reporting positively on our product performance. Please find below a few examples:

"Tyre improvements in road noise, wet grip, dry grip and handling, steering compliance, ride, rolling resistance and steering linearity are the claims Ford is making for its new range of tyres devised especially for the FG.

The Falcon XT now rides on Goodyear Excellence 215/60R16; luxury sports models employ the same model tyre but in a 235/50R17.

Dunlop SP Sport 01A 245/45R17 are XR6 sedan and ute fair, while the Maxx 245/40R18 version of these are the high-series tyres in the sports and sports luxury models.

Ford is also rolling out a Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 245/35/R19 tyre size for the first time, in conjunction with a new 19-inch alloy wheel option.

Aussie Brutes

The first thing we noticed about the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres was the significant reduction in road noise that they heralded over the factory-fitted dual-purpose rubber that had been in place only an hour earlier.

But it wasn't until we got out of the city and punted the 'Deo through a few bends that the Dunlops really came into their own.

The level of lateral grip they provide is quite amazing, allowing the big, top-heavy Rodeo to corner like it had absolutely no right to, aided and abetted by the Pedders suspension.

This reflected the favourable results that our sister magazine Street Commodores experienced with the Sport Maxx at their Oran Park tyre test some time ago.

Since then, we've found wet-weather grip to be similarly impressive, with the truck displaying vastly improved cornering and braking capabilities on a wet road. Two thumbs up for the Dunlopstoo.


Before setting out on this trek, we updated the GU Patrol with a set of Bilstein shock absorbers courtesy of 4WD Megastores and a set of Goodyear Silent Armor tyres.

With the severity of the road and trail conditions expected in the Kimberley there's no point taking chances with substandard equipment. The tyres showed impressive resilience against the harsh tracks we encountered along the way.

April 2008