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Goodyear : Great feedback from Kedron Caravans

Glen Gall from Kedron Caravans:

"On our adventure trips we have had great success when lacing on the Goodyear brand of tyres.

The flagship in their off-road range is the Wrangler MTR. We ran these on all the vehicles and van in the latest Far NQ run we just returned from, and for all the terrain we pushed through, in absolute all honesty we never had one look of a flat tyre, which was pretty incredible."

Proving to be faultless for us. In the steeper hill climbs like on the Creb Track, they bit in to the clay for great traction. In the more serious off-road work on the trips we use the 'MTR's' all round, although while at home we run the 'Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armors' on our vehicles.

They have the same increased wall strength, yet instead of the mud-terrain tread pattern which can get a little noisy at high speed on bitumen, they run a flatter, quiet tread. The best set-up we've found to use all-round travel ourselves is to run our favourite special combo from the menu which is 'Silent Armors' on the tow vehicle, and the 'MTR's' on the caravan.

The Goodyears range of tyres have been one we've grown to trust over time as we've gone through some pretty extensive remote travelling. They're a great tyre that you can have solid confidence in while travelling."

December 2008